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WALL*E T-shirts and more on Zazzle!

June 16, 2008

From the Creators of “Finding Nemo,” and “Monsters Inc.”, get ready for the newest Disney/Pixar character WALL*E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). WALL*E is the last robot on a deserted Earth that inadvertently discovers the key to the planets salvation and meets the robot of his dreams along the way… Set to hit theatres in two-weeks, Zazzle has everything you’ll need for the big WALL*E premiere! Get your WALL*E t-shirts, WALL*E mugs, WALL*E mousepads, WALL*E posters and more WALL*E products. See below for a little clip when WALL*E meets a vacuum cleaner.

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WALL-E Mug WALL-E kids t-shirt WALL-E mouse pad

Yes we also have Toy Story t-shirts, and Toy Story posters as well :)

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