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Shed a Sweet Light with Hanukkah Decorations and More

December 7, 2012

Who’s ready for eight straight nights of dreidel, latkes and presents? We so are — and our thousands of Hanukkah products will get you ready for your gatherings and parties.

Bring extra joy to your home with our Happy Hanukkah Ornaments

Happy Hanukkah Ornament
Happy Hanukkah Ornament by KimmieKreates

Add sweetness to your sufganiot with a Happy Hanukkah Plate to show them off on –

<Happy Hanukkah> with a Menorah by Steve Collier Party Plate
<Happy Hanukkah> with a Menorah by Steve Collier Party Plate by corbisimages

And spread the chag sameach to all your loved ones with a personalized Hanukkah Candle Lights greeting card –

Blue Tonal Hanukkah Candle Lights
Blue Tonal Hanukkah Candle Lights by mishpocha

Wishing you and your family a festival full of light and joy.

A Hanukkah Treat for Everyone (Besides Latkes)

November 27, 2012

The time is here to dust off the dreidels, restock the candles and fry up some latkes: it’s almost Hanukkah! In days long ago, the Maccabees filled eight straight days and eight straight nights with miraculous light — and if you need a boost to find the perfect Hanukkah gifts, Zazzle has tons of choices for Bubbes, brothers, babies and everyone else around the Hanukkiah.

Shed a sweet light among your loved ones with custom Hanukkah cards, using your own family photos and other precious art –

Decorative Typography Star of David Hanukkah Card
Decorative Typography Star of David Hanukkah Card by mishpocha

No need to make it out of clay: find a festive plate for Mom (or Dad) to serve their delicious sufganiot –

Hanukkah Plate
Hanukkah Plate by morris27

And reward the latke chef in your life with a proud “Got Latkes?” shirt, “Born to Spin” tee or (our personal favorite) “Real Men Make Latkes” trucker hat.

Why give simple gelt when you can do so much better and be the Maccabee of gift-giving? Smite everyone with the might of your great taste this Hanukkah and bring light to their lives.


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