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Moms Are Amazing — and Here’s Why

May 10, 2013

We all know moms are amazing. From the strength and determination they display daily to every nurturing hug — mothers are to be celebrated.

Here’s some facts we gathered about amazing mothers, from Marie Curie to Michelle Obama. Does your mom fit into any of these categories?

Also, see the full infographic in Babble just in time for Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Hallmark Mother’s Day on Zazzle

April 30, 2013

Still haven’t picked out the perfect Mother’s Day card yet for your mom? Never fear, our selection of Hallmark cards is always a solid bet. Check out some Mother’s Day cards, pairing the perfect twist of humor and fun with the classic Hallmark aesthetic, below:

World's Greatest Mom Card
World’s Greatest Mom Card by hallmarkmothersday
I realized that I'd turned into you Greeting Card
I realized that I’d turned into you Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday
Funny Mothers Day - Original Seat Belt Mom Greeting Card
Funny Mothers Day – Original Seat Belt Mom Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday

Pink Flowers Happy Mother's Day Cards
Pink Flowers Happy Mother’s Day Cards by hallmarkmothersday

Life is good at Grandma's Greeting Card
Life is good at Grandma’s Greeting Card by hallmarkmothersday
Happy Mother's Day Tag Coffee Mugs
Happy Mother’s Day Tag Coffee Mugs by hallmarkmothersday

Make Her Smile Mother’s Day Repin-to-Win Pinterest Sweepstakes

April 29, 2013


For the past few weeks (on the blog and on our Gift Center) we’ve been showing off our top Mother’s Day picks for all the different moms out there: the vintage moms, the LOL moms, the sporty moms and the new moms.

Now it’s your turn to tell us which Mother’s Day products you love, that you know would make your mom smile.

How to participate:

Repin your favorite Mother’s Day products for a chance to win!

Step 1: Complete the form on our Facebook page and then click “Submit Entry”

Step 2: Repin your favorite pins from our “Make Her Smile Mother’s Day Sweepstakes” Board


1 grand prize winner will get a $200 Zazzle gift certificate

3 winners will receive $75 Zazzle gift certificates

Sweepstakes runs April 29 to May 13th. Looking forward to seeing your entries! Happy pinning!

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts That Will Make Her LOL

April 20, 2013

In the spirit of tongue-in-cheek showings of love, we present some of our favorite LOL Mother’s Day gifts.

First, let’s be honest, children can be a headache. Remember your cuts, colds, stains, snot, very long recitals and many after-school activities? Yeah, you owe her. You can start with a Retro Mother’s Day Card that’s totally true:

Funny Retro Mothers Day Card
Funny Retro Mothers Day Card by Whatsbuzzin

For her many cups of coffee or tea throughout the day, remind her of all the times she saved you and took care of you — perhaps even more than needed. Give her the Original Seatbelt Mom mug:

Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs
Original Seatbelt Mom Mugs by hallmarkmothersday

And for a smug show of pride that she can carry everywhere, there’s the Keep Calm Call Mom iPhone case:

Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed
Keep Calm Call Mom Heart iPhone 5 Case Distressed by zarenmusic

This post is the last one in our heartfelt Mother’s Day series. We hope you’ve found it helpful, and we hope you embrace this Mother’s Day as much as we will.

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts for the Pet Lover

April 19, 2013

As we continue our Mother’s Day series, we want to salute the pet-loving moms out there and highlight the gifts available especially for them — to remind them that the humans in their family also love them.

You can start with a Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottle, perfect for her daily walks and especially at the dog park:

Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottles
Corgi Mom Reusable Water Bottles by epicdesigns

She can also use the Proud Shelter Dog Mommy tote bag to cart around litter bags, snacks and other essentials on the go:

Proud Shelter Dog Mommy Bag
Proud Shelter Dog Mommy Bag by FamilyCares

And for the cat-loving mom, the Instagram Cats Water Bowl adds the custom touch to a daily necessity — you can use your favorite photos, texts and designs to make the bowl your own:

Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls
Instagram Cats Cat Water Bowls by Antepara

Next (and last) in our Mother’s Day series, we’ll showcase hilarious gifts to make her ROFL.

Mother’s Day Series: Classic Gifts for the Vintage Mom

April 18, 2013

Not every mom is like Amy Poehler’s character in Mean Girls — determined to be ‘a cool mom’ (though some definitely try). Some moms are more old-fashioned. They like how things have been done, and why not?

Our Mother’s Day series highlights the array of gifts out there for the array of moms we have, from sporty to pet-loving to today’s guest of honor: the Vintage Mom.

Our Vintage Floral Mug is a perfect holder for her Earl Grey, Jasmine or Chamomile of choice:

Vintage Shabby Chic Girly Pink Blue Roses Floral Mugs
Vintage Shabby Chic Girly Pink Blue Roses Floral Mugs by kicksdesign

What else is old-fashioned? Coasters, and we love them. Her mug or teacup will rest beautifully on the Vintage Orchids Coaster, with its classic purple flower in bloom:

Vintage Orchids Art Cork Coaster
Vintage Orchids Art Cork Coaster by farmer77

The Vintage Mother Reading Card lovingly captures those memories of reading in bed:

Vintage Mother Reading Cards in Bed with the Kids
Vintage Mother Reading Cards in Bed with the Kids by YesterdayCafe

Next in our Mother’s Day series: wooftastic presents for the Pet Mom!

Mother’s Day Series: Gifts for the Sporty Mom Who’s in a League of Her Own

April 17, 2013

We have a lot to appreciate from our supportive, dedicated mothers, and for the sporty ones among them, the best gifts are often the most handy and convenient ones. The Hockey Mom Water Bottle is a great example — it’s portable, dishwasher safe and a full 24 ounces to last through a full day of sports, driving and errands:

Hockey Mom Drinking Bottle
Hockey Mom Drinking Bottle by eBrushDesign

The Baseball Mom Canvas Bag is hefty enough to pack in athletic gear, snacks, a change of clothes and a towel — and shows off her passion for one of the greatest sports ever:

Baseball Mom Canvas Bag
Baseball Mom Canvas Bag by koncepts

(There’s also a long-sleeved tee if she’d rather wear that with pride.)

If she’s a soccer lover, reward her with a Soccer Mom Shirt that’s as standout as she is — on and off the field:

Soccer Mom Shirts
Soccer Mom Shirts by magarmor

To you and your sporty mother we say, play ball! Next up in our series: gifts for the vintage mom.

Mother’s Day Series: New Moms Deserve an Awesome Gift (and a Medal)

April 16, 2013

As far as we’re concerned, Mother’s Day takes effect as soon as labor is (gratefully) over. Whether the child is five seconds or five decades old, that mother is entitled to a Mother’s Day bash. So for all the new moms out there who are sleeping whenever they can, we salute you many times — and encourage all relevant loved ones to honor you on May 12 (is the calendar marked?).

We dedicate this second post in our Mother’s Day series to all new moms, with an array of personal, meaningful and playful gift options available for all. If the new mother in your life leans toward the funny, she may enjoy sporting the “I’m Kind of Pregnant” tee:

I'm Kind of Pregnant Tees
I’m Kind of Pregnant Tees by magarmor

Winning this year’s most adorable gift ever, the “Love My Mommy” pacifier says it all (and Mom can always use the reminder):

Love My Mommy | Custom Baby Pacifier in Pink
Love My Mommy | Custom Baby Pacifier in Pink by Plush_Paper

For a truly personalized present, get her the Gray & Pink Baby Photo Album and fill it with your greatest memories:


And with 500 photo pages, it leaves ample space for years more of memorable moments.

Congrats to all new moms for weathering pregnancy, labor and early parenthood, and have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Series: Thanks For All That Artwork on the Fridge

April 15, 2013

Many of us did some version of artwork when we were kids. Fingerprint painting, painting by numbers, scribblings that our teachers kindly called “drawings” — and our parents even displayed these artworks at home. Wow, were they generous.

We can now return the favor with a unique and personal gift this Mother’s Day. We’re dedicating the first post in our Mother’s Day series to our favorite artwork gifts, as meaningful ways to say thanks to all our moms.

Given how many of our photos are on Instagram, the Instagram Photo Collage Poster is such a convenient and beautiful way to put the best recent memories together in one place:

instgram photo collage poster
instgram photo collage poster by sketchbook39

The Custom Photo Trinket Box is perfect if you have an especially memorable photo and a mother who needs more places to store her things:

I Love You Mom - Custom Photo Trinket Box
I Love You Mom – Custom Photo Trinket Box by GirlyTemplate

And for a newer mom (or grandma), the Custom Baby Damask Photo Keychain is a gorgeous memento to the latest child in her life:

Custom Baby Damask Photo Keychain Blue and Brown
Custom Baby Damask Photo Keychain Blue and Brown by cutecustomgifts

Mother’s Day DIY: Breakfast in Bed

April 15, 2013

Make Her Smile with the Perfect Breakfast in Bed


Mother’s Day is coming up, and here’s a really adorable project you can do with your kids to help make a fantastic breakfast in bed.

A simple idea is to take your kids’ artwork and turn it into something she can keep forever. Using our custom mugs, take your children’s artwork and turn it into a personalized mug.


Once you have your mug, add extra touches for the breakfast in bed with:


Make sure to place the food on a customizable or matching plate!



Make her favorite breakfast and serve the food in a way that she can read her special message. You’re done!

Concept & Styling – Jenny Wagner & Monae Fenton

Photography – Aaron Calestar 


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