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Pi Day turns 25: Join the Party

March 14, 2013

March 14 is especially big this year. The official 25th birthday of Pi Day again honors the mathematical consonant π — which has more than a trillion digits (starting with 3.14159…) that never end and never reach a repeating pattern.

To join the worldwide festivities — and they are worldwide — get yourself primed with the hilarious and clever Be Rational Get Real t-shirt:

be rational! get real! shirt
be rational! get real! shirt by stuffasianslike

Obviously you’ll want to partake in a party, and what better fun with puns than serving snacks on an I Like Pi plate:

I Like Pi Dinner Plate
I Like Pi Dinner Plate by kimchikawaii

And for an extra special coffee or tea any day of the year, treat yourself — or a devoted mathlete — to a Pi Day mug that even has an error on it:

Pi Day Mugs
Pi Day Mugs by tomrent

Go forth and revel in Pi!


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