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October 4, 2012

Whether you dream of blue donkeys or bleed red elephants, has every item to show your political fervor, frustrations or ambivalence to the world. Launched right after the 2004 election, PolitiClothes has grown into a full product shop of catchy phrases, inspirational slogans and political puns.

Inspired by last night’s presidential debate? Running a political store during the peak time of election season is tough work, but PolitiClothes has some tips for anyone wishing to jump into the political (store) arena.

3 Tips For Running A Political Store

1. Be a Trendspotter

In 2008, it was all about hope and change, and in 2012 it’s all about ___? Well, whatever you decide the theme of this election to be, one thing’s for sure: the political news cycle moves quickly and whatever you design for today will be old news tomorrow. Having an insatiable thirst for current events helps when dreaming up puns or ideas for products, and often the best product slogans come from a mixture of lots of caffeine, the ability to see patterns and jokes in media headlines and a perfectly timed gaffe.

2. Have Thick Skin

In this business, no matter how clever or ingenious the design, you’re bound to ruffle some feathers. Whether it’s a jab at the sitting president or a joke about the most recent debates, you’ll find that audiences will take you seriously when you’re seriously just trying to be funny. Carry on and keep the ideas flowing!

3. Remain Unbiased (Flip-flopping is OK!)

Sometimes, you’ll never know which products will be the most popular. Being able to see both sides of the issue and creatively design for both ends of the political spectrum is necessary. Don’t lean one way or the other (or if you do, don’t let it influence your creative processes), and remember that, in the end, both sides have a sense of humor.

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