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MIMS Joins Zazzle!

June 24, 2008

Platinum selling recording artist MIMS now has a gallery on Zazzle! You’ve probably heard of MIMS from his number one single “This Is Why I’m Hot,” off his debut album Music Is My Savior. Now, you can get your custom “This Is Why I’m Hot” t-shirts, MIMS hats, MIMS t-shirts and more. Check out the Zazzle MIMS Gallery for more great products!

MIMS King t-shirt MIMS hat This is why i'm hot t-shirt

Check out the single “This Is Why I’m Hot,” below.

Learn more about business card and custom bumper sticker at Zazzle


Chris Brown Joins Zazzle

June 11, 2008

Chris Brown, the multi-platinum recording artist, just joined Zazzle to sell “Exclusive” Chris Brown merchandise from his new album “Exclusive: The Forever Edition” and other works! That means you can get all your Chris Brown posters, Chris Brown t-shirts, Chris Brown mugs and customize each one to make it your unique Chris Brown product. See the Chris Brown Gallery on Zazzle.

Chris Brown T-shirt Chris Brown Mousepad Chris Brown stamp

Check out the Zazzle Chris Brown Gallery and see below for the video of his new Grammy nominated single “Kiss, Kiss.”



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