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Zazzle Site Updates

July 2, 2008

This week, the Zazzle Engineering Team launched a bunch of great new features to help consumers and contributors alike! Check out the complete list of new features on the Zazzle site below!

  • New Gallery Product URLs You may have noticed that your Gallery product URLs are a little different these days. They used to look like this, and now they look like this This little tweak helps your products rank better on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Ask by making your gallery URLs more descriptive. Don’t worry though, all the old URLs you have linking to your products, still work and will continue to work. This also includes your referral links from your Zazzle Star.


  • Edit Gallery Meta Data Ever had a hankering to change those tags that describe your gallery? Well, look no further than the new tags section on your gallery settings page! Now you can change and add tags to your gallery that will make sure your gallery has the information you want it to have. Get started Get started editing your gallery tag information.


  • New Photo Prints Edit Tools The new photo prints edit tools allow you to crop, choose frames and rotate your photo prints in a quick and easy-to-use new pop-up window. Edit your photos and watch them update in real-time with this new tool. Start editing photos now!


  • New Design Tool Font Selector
    The new design tool font selector allows you to quickly choose from any of our hundreds of fonts and see your text update on your product in real-time! Also, we’ve added a new recently used font section, so for the more complex designs you can see what fonts you’ve used without having to search through long font lists again. I’d say the new font selector puts the fun back in fonts!

    Read more about the New Design Tool Font Selector at the TechBlog!


  • RSS Feeds for Contributor Gallery
    Ever wondered what your contributor pals are up to? What great new stuff they are coming out with? Well, with the new RSS contributor feed, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on every contributor you want! Just click on the RSS icon in the browser URL bar when on a gallery homepage and you’ll have that contributor instantly added to your daily RSS reader ensuring you’re up-to-date on everything new and exciting coming out.


Learn more about creating business cards and custom bumper stickers at Zazzle.



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