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Seller Spotlight: KenKPhoto

November 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is no longer the center of national news, but many on the East Coast are still displaced and recovering from Sandy’s devastating destruction. This holiday season, we’re thankful for Zazzle sellers and designers, like KenKPhoto, who have created and tagged (“hurricanesupport”) products to show their support for relief efforts. Zazzle will be donating all of the gross profits from tagged products to nonprofit organizations funding relief and recovery efforts.

I’m an amateur photographer from New Jersey, and I’ve been taking photos now for over ten years. I love night skylines, coasts and landscapes and you can often find me snapping pictures when I’m on vacation in the Grand Canyon or on a cruise.

I also like to photograph lighthouses and NJ’s Barnegat Lighthouse is one of my favorites. My Buildings and Architecture category has products based on photos taken a few years ago. When I found out that Zazzle would be donating profits to help the hurricane victims, I generated products from these photos to help in the relief effort.  Buyers can find them in my new Hurricane Support category:

Barnegat Lighthouse Hurricane Support Magnet
Barnegat Lighthouse Hurricane Support Magnet by KenKPhoto

Also known as “Old Barney” to New Jersey residents, the lighthouse is located on the northern end of Long Beach island. It was a simple picture, and I had no idea that it would become a symbol of strength and recovery for me after Hurricane Sandy. Designed by a famous Civil War general, the lighthouse was built to withstand everything. Despite the damage caused by the superstorm, it’s still standing!

People are still suffering from the after effects of Sandy, but I’m so moved to see so many people donating, pitching in and coming to the aid of total strangers. If there’s anything I can do to help — even the smallest earnings and proceeds from my products — I’m happy to do it.

NJ Rocky Shore Hurricane Support Shirt
NJ Rocky Shore Hurricane Support Shirt by KenKPhoto
NJ Shore Postcard
NJ Shore Postcard by KenKPhoto

Coney Island Hurricane Support Shirt
Coney Island Hurricane Support Shirt by KenKPhoto
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Seller Spotlight: Little Prints

October 25, 2012

An avid artist since the age of 2, Little Prints spent most of her free time as a child drawing and painting. After focusing on art in high school and attending an art and design college in NYC for advertising and packaging design, Little Prints soon found herself interning for a well-known beauty company. It was there that she realized that she enjoyed designing kids’ items after having worked on products like bubble baths, holiday gift boxes and lip balms. When she had her first daughter, Little Prints decided to leave the corporate world and go into designing for babies and children full-time.

It’s all about the cute factor – a special touch that brings my designs to life and gives them personality. This can be a bow on a girl monkey’s head or a sweet, smiley face. I love designing invitations, party supplies, nursery art and I strive for a style that’s modern, colorful and adorable. Finding inspiration is easy. Being a mom to my own children, I keep my eyes open when I shop for them in clothing, bedding and toy stores.

The focus of my business is mostly baby showers, birthday invitations, party décor and nursery décor. My favorite events to design for are children’s birthday parties. For me, conceptualizing a new theme and designing all the matching items is just too much fun. Once an invitation design is done, I usually do a printable party pack with matching thank you cards, stickers, gift tags, banners, cupcake toppers, candy bar wrappers and water bottle labels.

My best-selling holiday designs are my winter and candy penguin designs for baby showers and birthdays. This design is my biggest seller – it usually starts selling in September and orders continue all throughout the winter.

Winter Wonderland Penguin Baby Shower Invitations
Winter Wonderland Penguin Baby Shower Invitations by PoshPartyPrints

I love knowing that my baby shower designs are being used to decorate a shower or that my nursery art is hanging in a baby’s room. Customers have emailed me photos and it amazes me to see the creative things that they do with my designs.

Designing for babies and children never feels like work for me. There’s a huge market for baby shower and birthday invitations and there are many themes I haven’t gotten to yet that I look forward to designing. Being an illustrator with a background in graphic design, this area allows me to create cute animals and characters in bright, fun colors and have so much fun doing it.

Where to find Little Prints

On Zazzle: little_prints, LittleBabyBundle, littleprintsart, poshpartyprints, polkadotpapershoppe, trendytotshop, simplymoderncards

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Nautical Whale Boat Nursery Wall Art Name Print
Nautical Whale Boat Nursery Wall Art Name Print by LittlePrintsArt
Spring Butterfly Flower Girl Postage Stamps
Spring Butterfly Flower Girl Postage Stamps by little_prints
Mod Pink Elephant Custom Baby Shower Invitation
Mod Pink Elephant Custom Baby Shower Invitation by little_prints
Create your own custom invites at

Seller Spotlight: CherylDanielsArt

October 11, 2012

Many Zazzle sellers have varied artistic backgrounds, and Cheryl Daniels from CherylDanielsArt is no exception. An artist since the age of five, Cheryl draws by hand and creates art with digital software. She’s done it all: costume design, fashion illustration, painting and graphic arts. When she’s not managing her 25 stores across Zazzle, dreaming up pop art and surrealist creations for the iPhone 5 case nearest you (or sleeping, apparently), Cheryl runs her own graphic arts and consulting company, ArtZone 360 Graphics.

How does Cheryl do it all? We’re still not really sure, but her talent for modern, funky and eclectic art shows and customers are taking note. One customer loved her business cards so much that she had Cheryl design a truck wrap to cover an entire SUV. Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) is also a fan. After seeing some of Cheryl’s artwork on Zazzle, he decided to publish several of her art pieces on his personal blog.

We got her to open up on her top five pieces of advice for any new Zazzler looking to dive in.

5 Pieces of Advice for New Zazzlers

1. Dive In. Just Do It.

Seriously. Don’t be afraid to dive right in. Zazzle is an incredibly friendly community and there are so many wonderful people who are eager to be helpful. Utilize the Zazzle forums. Make friends and ask questions.

2. The Only Limit is Your Imagination.

Even if you’re a comic book artist who solely designs graphic novels or strictly a fine artist who’s only used to selling art on canvases, at Zazzle you can find a medium for you. Zazzle has so many great products. Investigate all possibilities of how your art can sell on items.

3. One Size Does NOT Fit All.

Don’t create one image and slap it onto every product Zazzle has to offer. Be specific. What might look great on a skateboard may not work well on a greeting card. Use Zazzle templates. Nothing looks worse than an image that doesn’t fit the design of the product.

4. Always Remember Your Audience.

Design for your market and pay attention to trends. When I’m designing a business card, I come from that angle and think about the audience I want to attract with that card. Listen to your customers.

5. Do YOU.

Some people tend to copy what they think is a popular style or artist, but the real way to stand out and get sales is to just be yourself. Unique is a good thing, so be original. Whatever your artistic style or medium, Zazzle is definitely the place to flaunt it.

Where to find CherylDanielsArt

On Zazzle: StylishBusinessCards, MagnetCity, Special_Occasions, PartyInvitations, CVenus

G Sharp - Surrealism by Cheryl Daniels Print
G Sharp – Surrealism by Cheryl Daniels Print by CherylDanielsart
Bombshell Zebra 40th Birthday Party Dress Pink
Bombshell Zebra 40th Birthday Party Dress Pink by Special_Occasions
Happy Halloween Cocktail Party Custom Invitations
Happy Halloween Cocktail Party Custom Invitations by Special_Occasions


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