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When All Else Fails – Go With Superman: Man of Steel (Halloween Edition)

October 24, 2012

The countdown to the day of costume partying, little monsters door-knocking and candy corn overeating continues. We’re exactly a week away from Halloween, and by now you’ve probably got a good idea of your costume – or if not, you’re scrambling to pull one together.

We talked to a fellow Zazzler to see how her costume was going. She’s decided to fight crime in super-style this Halloween with her adorable dog, Keo, at her side.

She’ll be wearing this awesome Zazzle Superman T-shirt, paired with a snazzy red cape. (If you like her idea and want to do the same this Halloween, be sure to check out the entire selection of Superman T-shirts, iPhone5 cases, water bottles and bags!)

Superman Classic Logo Tshirts
Superman Classic Logo Tshirts by Superman

Maybe not every dog can rock the “S” like Keo. But if you’ve decided to include your pooch in Halloween festivities and you’re in a bind for a costume, here are some fast and easy fixes for your favorite canine:

I'm Scary Enough Without A Costume. Pet T-shirt
I’m Scary Enough Without A Costume. Pet T-shirt by TiggersWorld

This IS my costume! Dog Shirt
This IS my costume! Dog Shirt by DoggieAvenue


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