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WALL*E Opens Today

June 27, 2008

Movie fans get your tickets, Disney/Pixar’s newest animated feature WALL*E hits theaters today! I can’t wait to see this movie! I was standing in line for tickets this morning before coming to Zazzle and thinking, “What would make seeing WALL*E more funnertastic?” Well, I figured it out, going to WALL*E with custom WALL*E gear! Good thing Zazzle’s got all the WALL*E gear you’ll need, from EVE t-shirts, WALL*E mousepads, WALL*E sweatshirts and more! So go to the movie, get some popcorn (I like half butter, soggy popcorn is no good) and see WALL*E save the world! Then, when you’ve left the movie and just can’t get enough of WALL*E, hop on over to our WALL*E Gallery for all your custom gear needs.

Wall-E t-shirt EVE and WALL-E Mug EVE dark t-shirt

Learn more about Disney Character Postage from Zazzle.



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