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Geektastic Gifts for the Space Cadet

December 4, 2012

Our brand-new Gift Center is your one-stop shop for holiday gifting — stocked full of ornaments, greeting cards and gifts for every person on your list.

As we’ve seen in our Gift Center series, you can “shop by personality” to find the perfect gift for Vintage Bettys, Young Bucks and Yo Bros, Crafty Gals – and finally Space Cadets, who just can’t get enough of the stars.

It’s easy to indulge their passion with an intergalactic Custom Dry-Erase Board for all of their wild new ideas and brainstorm sessions –

Higgs Boson Dry-Erase Board
Higgs Boson Dry-Erase Board by Funkyworm

Or get them a pixelated Mosaic Messenger Bag to cart around their gizmos and gear (portable telescope, anyone?) –


And salute the days of using real, handheld calculators for square roots, division and factorials, with a Vintage Calculator iPhone 5 Case –

Vintage Calculator Geek iPhone 5 Case
Vintage Calculator Geek iPhone 5 Case by zlatkocro

We’ve been highlighting special gifts for all kinds of personalities — and on the Gift Center, there’s even more. Check it out to easily and quickly find a gift for every holiday, budget and loved one in your life. Happy Holidays!

The Personal Touch: Perfect Gifts for the Crafty Gal

December 3, 2012

Our special Gift Center series has shown you how to find just the right gift for Vintage Bettys, Young Bucks, Yo Bros and more.

From stocking stuffers to holiday cards to customized gifts, our Gift Center has thousands of presents to help you satisfy all of your loved ones — including the very special Crafty Gal.

This woman is always making you something fabulous, from cookies and sweaters to flower bouquets and jewelry — so how can you make her smile in return?

Give her a Personalized Recipe Binder so she can keep all of her favorite recipes in one easy place –

Personalized Food Recipes Binder
Personalized Food Recipes Binder by open_door_designs

Help her show off her love of farmers’ markets while keeping busy and keeping tidy, with a Support Your Local Farmer! Apron –

Support Your Local Farmer! Apron
Support Your Local Farmer! Apron by ericar70

And a stylish I Love Knitting Tote Bag will fit all the tools of her trade, from yarns and knitting needles to gardening shears and gloves –

I Love Knitting Tote Bags
I Love Knitting Tote Bags by tshirtdujour

Crafty Gals work every day to keep us happy, healthy and fed, so give them thanks with a gift that’s as thoughtful as them.

Coming up in our final Gift Center post: geek out gifts for the Space Cadet.

Cool Gifts for Young Bucks and Yo Bros

November 30, 2012

If you’ve kept up with our recent blog posts or Facebook and Twitter, you’ll have read about the various personalities that our brand-new Gift Center caters to. From Vintage Bettys to Mr. Moms, we’ve got your people covered for the holidays.

Lest we forget about the cool guys in our lives, our Gift Center has special sections devoted to Young Bucks and Yo Bros.

Where do you start with a buckin’ boy? Help him take his music everywhere in style with Old Time FM Radio Travel Speakers –

Wooden Case Old Time FM Radio Face Travel Speakers
Wooden Case Old Time FM Radio Face Travel Speakers by KrisTeeShirts

These days everyone’s all over houndstooth, and iPads — so why not kill two birds with one stone with the Houndstooth Handsome Gentlemen’s Pattern Sleeve –

Brown Houndstooth Handsome Gentlemen's Pattern Sleeves For iPads
Brown Houndstooth Handsome Gentlemen’s Pattern Sleeves For iPads by cutencomfy

How about the Yo Bros? Shower your dude with a personalized Cold Brew Dart Board, perfect for chillaxing in his man cave –

Personalized Cold Brew Dart Board
Personalized Cold Brew Dart Board by reflections06

Or get him a classic CM Bobber t-shirt to go with his hog –

CM Bobber (crisp red/crm) T-shirt
CM Bobber (crisp red/crm) T-shirt by CrownMoto

Remember, you can also create your own gift that’s made by you, just for him.

Coming up next in our Gift Center series: perfect presents for the Crafty Gal.


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