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Mohawks and the First Skateboard!

September 2, 2008

Last week, we launched Zazzle custom skateboards, a new and exciting product for your designs, photos and more! Everyone seems to be diggin’ the product and we were excited to see what the first order was going to be. Well low and behold, only two hours or so after launch we had the first EVER skateboard order ready to ship (they beat the 24 hour production guarantee by like 22 hours). It was a proud moment, but what was even better was that the order was going to San Jose, CA. So, we thought it would be fun to jump in the car with a camera and the first EVER Zazzle custom skateboard and go on a little drive for a hand delivery. Once delivered, the guys that ordered the board were totally blown away with the quality of the skateboard (they run a wood working shop so that is saying a lot!) and the speed of which it was delivered! Check out the pictures below of the saga of the first EVER Zazzle custom skateboard order. Also read further to learn more about why there are Mohawks in the title….

Looks just like the picture!

Look at that quality!

First skateboard ready to be shipped

Close up of the skateboards box

That’s one cool sticker!

Happy Customers!

See the board they created here.


Well in the excitement of the first order and the successful launch of skateboards, Jeff and Bobby Beaver (brothers and co-founders of Zazzle) decided that they wanted to get into the skateboard spirit and got some Mohawks to show their skateboard pride! Check out the pictures and video below (oh yes, we have video!)…

This video begs the question, what happens with the next Zazzle product launch? Tattoos?



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