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Being a designer can be difficult. You have to make sure to stay “on trend,” but also experiment with your designs to see if you can drive a trend through your own unique design style. This can be a delicate balancing act, especially if you don’t know what designs are popular for the product you […]

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Wine is bottled poetry – Robert Louis Stevenson Pop open a bottle of your favorite vintage, friends! As if you needed another reason to enjoy a Cabernet, a Pinot, or a nice Merlot, May 25th is “National Wine Day.” Zazzle has a bunch of wonderful products to help you enjoy your wine today, tomorrow, and […]

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I don’t remember a lot about my high school graduation, but particular moments do stand out. I remember the principal of my school warning me against doing anything silly during the ceremony. He threatened to withhold my diploma. The principal and I had a good relationship, but I was a bit of a goofball in […]

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Helloooo wonderful Designers! You all have been designing up a storm and we have to say everything we’re seeing is fantastic! It’s almost summer so customers are really excited for new wedding designs, dads and grads bashes, plus blowout party invites now that beach and barbeque season is upon us. Enjoy! Find out what’s happening […]

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Hello Zazzle designers! In this episode of ZazzleChat Monica speaks to Chris Bauman about our updated embroidery design tool. Enjoy!

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Embroidery is one of the unique decorative processes that Zazzle offers. We’ve updated the embroidery design tool and user interface and we’re excited to have you revisit creating designs within that category. We’ve spent a lot of time updating the backend and are excited to start promoting it, especially because all things embroidery is all […]

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Meet Colleen Michele – a self-taught graphic designer who loves to spend time outdoors hiking and indoors snuggling with her cat Edgar. You can find lots of her amazing designs in her Zazzle store Colleen Michele which she promotes via her websites Colleen Michele and Pretty Wedding Paper, and on her Pinterest page Colleen Designs.

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A wedding is the perfect way to gather your favorite folks together to celebrate this happy day. Your wedding entourage has guided you along in months of planning to prepare for the big day. Reward your wedding entourage with our top choices for bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

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So you’ve built your social media page, invited your friends and customers to join, you’ve posted on your page every day, but still no sales!  Is there something you can do to kick the engagement up a notch?  The answer is ‘yes.’ In this blog post, we’ll provide several tips on how to engage and interact […]

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