Featured Designer Interview with Nidhi Chanani

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Nidhi Chanani, from the Zazzle store nidhiart, talks about her background, inspiration, and gives a few tips for designers that are just starting out.

Zazzle: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Nidhi: I was born in Kolkata, India and moved to California when I was four months old.


I consider myself a California girl, but I kept my Indian culture thanks to my big and loving family.

After high school, I went to U.C. Santa Cruz to study literature which gave me a great understanding of storytelling. I was always attracted to art, and would’ve liked to minor in it, but that option wasn’t available at that time.


Zazzle: When did you begin to create art?

Nidhi: After graduating college, I worked in a few non profits but could never quite find what I was looking for. One time, after getting laid off, I decided to follow my dream and pursue an education in art. I went to art school for one and a half years, but decided that what I really want, is to do art every day.  So I started to create daily illustrations and sending them out to my friends and family, and the list of recipients just kept growing and growing. Today, I have over 700 illustrations.


Zazzle: How did you hear about Zazzle?

Nidhi: A friend told me about Zazzle as a way to make extra money. I knew in order to succeed, I would need to learn how to design, so I taught myself Photoshop.

Zazzle: What inspires you?

Nidhi: The inspiration for my art comes from life, love and storytelling. The love for my husband, my family, the beautiful city of San Francisco and amazing scenery in Hawaii are all things that inspire me.

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Zazzle: Where is your favorite place to work?

Nidhi: I love to work at home with my cats running around and sometimes outside at the Ferry Building.


Zazzle: What are some of your favorite designs and products from your stores on Zazzle?

Nidhi: Some of my favorite designs are the Hawaii series with scenery and kayaking. I like phone cases as a product because I love the idea of having art with you all the time. When someone purchases one of my phone cases, I always feel honored.


Zazzle: Do you have any advice for designers just starting out on Zazzle?

Nidhi: Focus on quality over quantity; take the time to teach yourself Photoshop.  Also, be patient, no sales happen overnight, and upload as many designs as possible.

Zazzle: What is your favorite social media promotion and tool and where have you been most successful?

Nidhi: Facebook is definitely one of  the most successful tools because it’s easy to share and comment. There is engagement and open communication for people who enjoy my work. Tumblr is also good, but you can’t directly engage with people.

Thank you Nidhi  Chanani for taking the time to share your story and your insights with us. We really appreciate it.

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