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There are many ways that artists and designers find inspiration. For Maaike Boot, a designer from the Netherlands, it’s traveling that inspires her. Whether it’s an intricate pattern on the side of a tree or an unusually vibrant hue painted on the corner of a rusted phone booth, Maaike keeps her eyes open to sights, angles and sounds that others often overlook.

If an artist’s work is influenced by perspective, Maaike finds that traveling is a way to shake up solidified mindsets and view the world in new light. It’s by getting lost and immersing herself in novel experiences that she finds ideas for her many creations.

I run a creative studio for graphic design and my focus is surface patterns, textile design and digital illustrations. I’ve always been fascinated with abstract styles, symbols and shapes. Even when I was little, I was always sketching shapes and focusing on patterns.

When you’re traveling, things are always moving and you’re continuously seeing the world in a different context. It can be messy, tiring or even scary, but the key is to remain open to everything and everyone. When I travel, I try to observe and capture snippets of what I hear and what I see, and build that into my work.

(Jaipur, India) I got the idea for this colorful elephant case from my time during the Holi festival in Jaipur, a traditional Hindi religious festival celebrated each year for spring. People wish each other a happy Holi and cover each other with colorful pigment. This case was the result of that trip.

(Pokhara, Nepal) I met an Australian playing in a jazz club, and afterwards I just knew that somehow we’d meet again. He later visited our house in Holland as a couchsurfer, and this was his motto. The word “amazing” in his sentence has another meaning for me. It’s everything that I can imagine for myself in the future and I love the positivity in this message.

(Trinidad, Cuba) Traveling through this country made me realize how rich people can be without having anything. They were some of the most amazing and lovely people I have ever met. This is a reminder for myself that you do not need all that much to be happy.

(Havana, Cuba) An old woman opened her home for me and showed me all her sacred possessions. I’ll always remember an old typewriter, standing in that old vintage living room.

(Costa Rica)  This was one of the most amazing trips in my life. It was all green and nature and walking through the trees during a canopy tour, I felt like a small bug, surrounded by everything that really matters.

(Paris, France) The sun shining through the Eiffel tower made this carousel horse look like magic.

(Rome, Italy) If you ever visit Rome, be aware of the vespas!

(NYC, USA) To me, this is the city of high heels. I have never seen so many women walking in heels in any other city but NYC.

(Indian highway) The image is the back of the hand-painted Tata truck, and I truly believe the saying: “Travel is the only thing that makes you rich.” It enriches my life and every country surprises me time after time. Memories are so precious.

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