Go the extra mile: wine gifts with a twist

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Let’s be honest: when it comes to gifts for a party, it’s going to be chocolates, flowers or wine. Or is it?

Everyone brings a bottle. It might even be regifted, and it’s the easiest thing to give. We say, big deal.

But an accessory to bring along with the wine: that’s a gift that keeps giving for years. One-up your fellow revelers, and give your host a thanks that they’ll never forget. It’s a tiny bit more effort, a lot more rewards to reap.

Behind door one, we have the Wine Cork Heart tote bag, the perfect reusable wrapping for your bottle of choice. It’s cute and fun, and will last far longer than whichever tipple you put in it:



Behind door two, the Old Wine Barrels Wine Bottle label — the perfect way to customize the drink you select. Personalize it with the wine’s varietal and vintage, and your name, and you’ll be good to go. The only question is: will your host be able to wait to uncork it?



Behind door three is the playful punchline. Give your host the constant option of an easy, breezy after-party with the Shh, There’s Wine In Here mug, and you’ll be in their good books forever:



So: which door is it going to be?

Like wine, these gifts will keep at home for years, so that you’re never left scrambling when you get an invitation. And the great thing is, you can’t go wrong with whatever door you choose. You can only stand out, and give yourself a reputation for the most thoughtful gift-giver at the party. Good for you. We’ll drink to that.

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