10 New Products You May Have Missed

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It’s a brand new year, and we’ve been launching brand new products left and right! Here’s our countdown of our 10 favorite new Zazzle products that you might not have seen yet.

Get ready to design!

#10: Table Card Holders

What better partner for our beautiful table cards than a classy, customizable stand?

#9: Light Switch Covers

Brighten up any room with a light switch cover with personal style.

#8: iPad Cases Galore

We’ve added so many great new options to protect and prettify your iPad that we couldn’t choose just one! With so many styles to choose from, we’ve got it covered no matter what you’re looking for.

#7: Nameplates

Stake your claim at home or at the office with our new acrylic desk nameplates. You can even add on a clock to count down your work day.

#6: Glass Cutting Boards

Add some cutting edge décor to the kitchen with our multi-shape, multi-purpose, glass cutting boards.

#5: Clipboards

Our new double-sided clipboards show off both style and organizational skills.

#4: Desk Organizers

Speaking of organization, keep those pens and pencils in line while adding some classy desk decoration with these new customizable holders for your favorite office supplies.

#3: Business Card Holders

Give your beautiful Zazzle business cards a safe and happy home while also making a great impression with our new business card holders.

#2: Bath Sets

This product is actually a two-for-one! Our set comes with matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder for the perfect functional accents for your bath.

Which brings us to our #1 favorite new product…

#1: Liquid Courage Flasks!

Anything goes with these fun portable beverage holders that fit in your pocket and in tons of different fun events.

That’s just the beginning! We’ll be continuing to roll out amazing new products throughout the year. Make sure to check in on our forums so you don’t miss out.

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