The Dogs of Zazzle: Snoopy

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Today’s post is an extra-special behind the scenes look at Zazzle, where you’ll get to meet representatives of Zazzle’s canine contingent.

Hello! My name is Snoopy and I help supervise my dad, who works with the product team here at Zazzle.


I’m a Rottie and Black Lab mix who grew up in Hollywood and left my dreams of becoming a movie star for a promising career in the tech industry. I’m almost 12 years old and I’ve been here at the big Z for the last 6 years. I get to test the products out and lots of other fun stuff.

Here I am testing out one of our delicious-looking ties:



It passed my inspection.

Working at Zazzle is pretty great. My coworkers stop by and give me rubs every time I ask! I love cheese, but I’m not allowed to have any. I can understand Russian, English and un poco del Español.


All in all, life at Zazzle is a pretty sweet gig. Other than visiting our site, my best advice is this: Be nice to one another and adopt a dog!

Photography by: Nancy Ahn

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5 thoughts on “The Dogs of Zazzle: Snoopy”

  1. Snoopy is such a cute dog, I am sure he is helping with the product testing a lot and giving lots of love to the Zazzle team :), thanks to everyone for all the work to make this a fantastic site.

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