The Dogs of Zazzle: Lucien

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Welcome to the second installment of our special behind the scenes series, hosted by the furry friends of Zazzle.

Hi! I’m Lucien, and I do some pretty important work when I’m here at Zazzle. My mom helps Zazzle develop amazing partnerships with some of the world’s most exciting brands. That’s quite a lot of responsibility, so it’s a good thing I can jump in to supervise.


I’m a 4 1/2 year old Chinese Crested Powderpuff, which means I have the lustrous locks to keep me out of the “world’s ugliest dog” category. From my breed, you might think I’d speak Chinese, but I actually understand English and Spanish instead.


As you can see, I am quite the “stud muffin” (it even says so on my very own Zazzle shirt), so I turn plenty of heads when I make office appearances. Sadly, I didn’t always have so many devoted fans. Years ago, my mom’s partner actually rescued me from a house inspection where I was found being used as bait in dog fights. Luckily, I’ve been the star attraction of my loving home ever since – I even have my very own dog throne to perch on from which I rule!


Other than a hearty nap, my favorite pastime is enjoying some delicious dog chow, especially when it comes in my very own Zazzle dog bowl. I’m always ready to show off my stellar dance moves in order to get a treat! If my dancing doesn’t get the job done, I’m also a talker who will definitely let you know when I’m in need of some extra attention.


Well, I have some very important napping to do. I hope you enjoyed meeting me and seeing me model some of my favorite Zazzle products!

Photography by: Nancy Ahn

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