The Dogs of Zazzle: Barney

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Welcome back to our third installment of our special behind the scenes look at Zazzle – from the vantage point of our four-legged employees! In case you missed them, make sure you also meet our pooch pals Snoopy and Lucien.

Hi there! I’m Barney – yep, just like Barney Stinson from my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. I’m a special mix of Cocker Spaniel, Labrador and Dachshund. At only 16 months old, I’m the newest Zazzler around!


On my days here at Zazzle, I help my mom help her fellow Zazzlers! We get to do fun stuff like recruiting new Zazzlers, and all things HR. Mom says that means “Human Resources”, but since I’m not a human, I think it would be better to call it Hug Resources! You can see I’m dedicated to the job by my favorite Zazzle shirt.


Being pretty new to the world, I’m still working on being brave around new experiences. Scary things like walks, little kids, or anything moving on wheels still make me pretty nervous – but I’m working on it! A little bit of peanut butter – my favorite food – always makes me feel better.

If I’m not catching up on my beauty sleep, you can usually find me getting some exercise by chasing my tennis ball or admiring my own reflection to see just how well that beauty sleep worked. Good thing I check up on my appearance pretty frequently – the great Zazzle tie my friend Snoopy let me borrow turned out to be just a little too big:


I might be a little shy at first, but since my mom and I met, I’m happy to make friends and share hugs with most anyone once I get to sniff- I mean get to know. See? I’m already getting over my fear of bicycles! (With the help of my treat-filled Zazzle dog bowl)


Hope you enjoyed meeting me!

Photography by: Nancy Ahn

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