10 More New Products You May Have Missed

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We here at Zazzle have been adding so many amazing new products lately, it might be hard to keep track! Here are some of our favorite products that have recently joined the Zazzle family and are just waiting for your designs.


1. Serve up some custom class with our beautiful new serving trays


2. Let everyone know what you have to say on a custom speech bubble dry erase board


3. Check on how your hair-do is doing in a personalized compact mirror

4. Wear your art on your nails, using our new Minx nail art decals

5. We have so many great new customizable accessories for the little ones, that we couldn’t pick just one! Keep your baby coordinated with a personalized bib, blanket, or burp cloth.



6. Make your mark on our official Post-It Notes

7. Grab your glass, and claim it as yours with a charming wine charm

8. Your gym stuff becomes perfectly portable when it’s in a handy drawstring backpack.

9. Turn your print designs into a rustic work of art by showcasing it on one of our new wood canvases

10. Make a place setting match the party by including coordinated paper napkins

Hopefully this has sparked your creativity to get designing on some of our new products – stay tuned for more!

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All About Patterns – Damask In Your Purse

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Damask is that pretty little ornate pattern you see just about everywhere you go. It’s pretty popular in formal events — weddings, bat mitzvahs, elegant tea parties — and it certainly has received a lot of praise in fashion lately! Where did this elaborate woven-look come from? The roots go as far back as the early Middle Ages — and no, not the 1950s. We’re talking Islamic and Byzantine weaving era, here. Originally, damasks were primarily monochromatic, with a repeated pattern sewn in metallic-colored thread on a backing of the same, flat color.

The word “damask” actually comes from Damascus, which was the place to shop back then. Damascus was part of the Silk Road, the major trading city of its time. People would travel from miles around to trade goods and, hopefully, go home with some fantastic fabric from which to make all of their home furnishings and clothing. Fourteenth-century France is where the term first popped up in writing, but just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Damask is a classic that is always trending. It’s an archetype of class and status, regal, if you will. While the colors and images are constantly changing to fit more modern times, the style remains a staple of fashion today.

So, if you’re feeling like you could use a little sprucing up on the fancy fashion front, but aren’t sure you want to drench yourself in damask like a diva of the Byzantine era, try carrying a little with you in your handbag. These three items are sure to put a little relic of regality in your heart.

Need a mint? How about a safe place to stash some cash? Do it in the classiest way possible with this beautifully done black-and-white damask candy tin. Make sure everyone knows just who that little tin belongs to by customizing it with your name.


When you have places to go and people to see, you’ve got to make sure that passersby recognize just how fancy you are. Say it loud without saying a word with this regal travel tag. Your luggage will announce your arrival in style and class. Best of all, no one will accidentally grab your suitcase because this tag will set you apart!


This artichoke-patterned damask print wristlet comes in a gorgeous eggplant color. Artichokes and eggplants? You just got two servings of vegetables! Pat yourself on the back, and enjoy dessert out on the town tonight. Make sure to bring your wristlet with you, though!


Try these fresh looks, and amaze your admirers with your history of what makes damask so delightful! There are plenty more where these gems came from, so browse around and see what suits you.

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Make Money with Referrals

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Did you know that you can earn 15% per sale just by driving traffic to Zazzle?   It’s as easy as adding a link to Zazzle on your blog, website, Facebook page, Google+ profile, and more!  All you need is your Associate ID and you can start earning 15% by linking to ANY product on Zazzle instantly.

In this week’s Designer Tips & Tricks, we will show you how to create and track the links you share on social media and your website.

Creating Referral Links 

Creating a Zazzle referral link is easy; look at the notes below for guidance.

1.)   Associate ID 

Your referral (or associate) ID will contain 18 digits starting with 238xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  When you are logged in to your account your referral ID can be found here: http://www.zazzle.com/my/associate/associate

2.)   RF Parameter

When adding your referral ID to a Zazzle URL, you need to add “?rf=”  parameter before adding the ID, e.g. “?rf=238xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.  The only exception to this rule is if the URL already contains a “?”, then add “&rf=” instead.

For example, if you your link leads to a category of products, you’ll already see a “?” in the link. Simply add “&rf” to the end of this link so it will look like this:


NidhiArt Store example for the animal category where the associate ID is 238456789012345678


3.)    Store Links, Product  Links, and Search Page Links

  • Store Links


A store link is created by adding your store name and referral ID to the Zazzle home page URL.


For example, if you’re promoting NidhiArt and your associate ID is 238456789012345678, then your link would be:


  • Product Links


A product link is created by adding referral ID to a Zazzle product link.


For example, if you’re promoting a product with “ask_me_about_having_fun_and_making_money_buttons” title, a 145277464445326825 PID, and your associate ID is 238456789012345678, then your link would be:



  • Search Page Links


A search page link is created by adding your referral ID to a Zazzle search page URL.


For example, if you’re promoting the “holiday+gifts” search page and your associate ID is  238456789012345678, then your link would be:


Tracking Your Referrals 

1.) Tracking code

You can add a tracking code to your links to see which links are clicked on the most and where. If you are sharing many links per day on different  blogs, Facebook, and other websites, this can help you determine where the links are performing the best. Tracking Codes can be up to 100 alphanumeric characters (and _ ,) in length. For the examples below, I will be using tracking code FB12345678.

2.) TC Parameter 

You will need to add a tracking code or “tc” parameter to your links.  When adding your tc parameter to your Zazzle link you need to add “&tc=”  before adding the tracking code, e.g. “&tc=trackingcode”.

3.) Store Links, Product  Links, and Search Page Link

  • Store Links

NidhiArt Store example 


  • Product Links

Ask me about having fun and making money button example


  • Search Page Links

Holiday Gifts search page example


Now that you know how to create and track your links, you can start linking to Zazzle and earning referrals.

Happy referring!
Elizabeth P.

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All About Patterns – Turquoise Quatrefoil to Wear

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Some things help you to fit in; others help you to stand out. So, why not take a trend and turn it into a personal style statement?

If you aren’t familiar with quatrefoil, you’ll want to be. It’s the trending pattern of the year. Just add turquoise, and you have the perfect combination for bringing in the spring season.

Quatrefoil is actually nothing new — the four-sided, lattice-looking pattern has left its mark all throughout history in architecture and art, but it’s most charmed use is as a Celtic symbol of good luck. And speaking of good luck — we sure are grateful for the good fortune of these adorable finds. We’ve rounded up some customizable treasures to help you make the most of the rise of quatrefoil, and turn heads all season long.

First up is this adorable Turquoise Quatrefoil Pattern Watch. You’ll always know what time it is, because you’ll be admiring your timepiece around the clock.  The white latticework of the quatrefoil pops against the turquoise background. The band, face and keeper are all customizable, so you can be sure it coordinates with everything in your closet.


Get a gift for one of your girlfriends today. She’ll feel loved and look great in this sweet monogrammed necklace with a fun quatrefoil pattern. This jewelry is simple, yet sophisticated. The gorgeous quatrefoil pattern showcases the monogrammed letter of your choice and is surrounded by sterling silver. Branch out from a simple monogram and customize it with a quote. The options are endless—just make sure you keep the good-lookin’ quatrefoil.


Take the season’s trend with you everywhere you go by encasing your iPhone in it. We just love this monogram-able, turquoise and white quatrefoil iPhone case. Designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s, it comes in your choice of three different styles, depending on the type of case and level of protection you need. Don’t just settle for a trendy phone cover, though. Customize it – monogram this case with your initials or maybe just your favorite three-letter word.


Whichever way you go, you can’t go wrong as long as you incorporate some turquoise quatrefoil into your style this season. Make it personal with custom options and monogramming.

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DODOcases for all

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In 2012, we partnered with DODOcase to add their amazingly crafted iPad cases to Zazzle.  DODOcases are manufactured locally in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques.  The DODOcase protects your iPad while also giving your device the timeless look of a hardcover book.

Now customers can not only customize the inside of the case, but also choose the color for the exterior.  The exterior is made from black Moroccan cloth, with an eco-friendly bamboo tray and a custom interior liner that you can design yourself.  You can select colors for the exterior cloth – your choice of black, orange, coral, granite, merlot and blue. For the inside of your case, there is a wide selection of designs that would add some spring style to your high tech accoutrements.



We’ve got cases for your iPad 2/3/4, iPad mini as well as the iPad Air.  And you can be confident that this case was manufactured locally in San Francisco.  In April 2010, the DODOcase launched alongside the Apple iPad as the original bookbound iPad case.  It’s become a favorite among hip San Franciscans as well as anyone with a taste for design and a passion for local manufacturing.


You may no longer be reading hardcover books, but you can enjoy reading on your iPad while also feeling inspired to travel back in time to a previous era when bookbinding was done by hand.  The Dodo bird remains on the list of extinct animals but thanks to DODOcase, bookbinding continues to thrive.

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All About Patterns – Harlequin Style Art

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Harlequin is a pattern that has truly stood the test of time.  Where did this diamond-shaped checkerboard print get its start? For this little history lesson, let’s take a trip to Italy in the late 1500s.

During the Italian Commedia Dell’arte days of the 1580s, Harlequin was not a pretty pattern, but a stock character in many theatrical performances. He was typically portrayed as an astute servant who was lighthearted and jovial, and always got the girl.

In these performances, the playful Harlequin would rival against Pierrot, a sadder, stern character, for the mutual object of their affection, Colombine. Harlequin always wore clothing that was adorned with a diamond-shaped checkered pattern, symbolic of his good nature. Conversely, Pierrot’s clothes were plain and white, fitting with his more boring, somber persona.

The duds that Harlequin made famous ultimately traveled the trails of time and made their way to the 21st century. The pattern is still found in many places — especially ones that speak for the same lifestyle defined by our fabulous friend, Harlequin.

While Harlequin was a funny guy, we definitely aren’t clowning around when it comes to representing the best of Harlequin style. Step your style up a notch by incorporating some harlequin into your space.

Give your living quarters some pizzazz by adorning the walls with this classic Paul Cezanne print, the aptly named Pierrot and Harlequin, which portrays the two walking side by side. Vivid colors and that prototypical harlequin pattern make this piece of art a quintessential sample of Harlequin at his finest.


Looking for something a little more inconspicuous? Perhaps a print of Juan Gris’ gorgeous painting, Harlequin With Table, is more your speed. It has all the joys of harlequin, with a side of confusion. Is it a man? Is it a table? What does it mean? Hang this print on your living room wall and let your guests be the judge.


If you’re ready to take your harlequin love to the streets, then you can’t go wrong with these snazzy red leggings with a small display of black harlequin diamonds. They’re a clear yet subtle way to let your fun side peek through in any outfit. Pair them with low-tops and a long sweater for a casual look, or try them with a pencil skirt, blouse and ankle boots for a work-day favorite.


There’s so much more Harlequin love to go around. How will you make your statement?

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