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Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the Tips & Tricks tutorials in one place? Great news – now they are!  During the last few months, we’ve been putting together the Designer & Associate Handbook which includes key posts from the Designer Tips & Tricks such as How to Track your Referrals and SEO. You can download the handbook anytime you’d like and keep it in a handy place on your computer.  The linked Table of Contents makes it easy to get to the topic you’d like to know more about and the layout makes it easy to browse or read in depth.


Take a look at the Introduction for a detailed explanation of the associate program and how you can benefit from it.


Check out the Creating Referral Links section to become a master at link building and tracking.


Browse the Social Media section for a detailed overview of your favorite platforms.


Review the Keywords and SEO section to improve your tagging skills.


Last but not least, stop by the FAQ section for anything you might have missed.



You can download the handbook here or by going to and clicking on Associate Handbook in the left-hand navigation.

Having trouble downloading the handbook? Try a different browser or clearing your cookies.

Happy Affiliating!

Elizabeth P.

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3 thoughts on “Zazzle Associate Handbook”

  1. Hi,
    Do you have promotional codes for associates as well? Or does it work through links only?

    1. Hi Laureline,

      Great question. You can find all of the current promotional codes here:

      You can share these codes with your audience when you share out your associate links.

      I would recommend adding the promo code directly to your link, so when someone clicks on it, the promo code is automatically applied. You can add the promo code to your link by adding &PM=promocodename.

      For example, here is a link with the promo code FUNCHEER4ALL:

      I would recommend adding text like “Get 20% off site wide” and then hyper-linking it with your associate link.

      Elizabeth P.

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