France Series: La Bicyclette

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From the first clunky prototype in the 1790s to the high profile drama of the Tour de France (which starts today), the bicycle, and the folklore surrounding it, has ridden a colorful journey through the international mindset. Originally named the velocipede, the bicycle’s ancestral design was temperamental and its ride was rather stiff. With no pedals, handlebars, forks or brakes it’s surprising that anyone straddled one at all! Many agree that the bicycle was the most significant invention in transportation and you can bring these French classics home to add a certain je ne sais quoi, to your favorite space.

Ever wonder what Athena would look like riding a bicycle on a windswept evening road? You can ponder this mystery and why she might have a falcon resting on her right hand as you gaze upon this vintage poster. Get lost in reverie, while wondering what it’s like to be free enough to not even have to look at the road in front of you! The poster’s leading lady exudes a timeless air of class and innocence and will bring this with her to any wall she adorns. 

The early 20th century European style of this poster will make any wall pop out with a regal, whimsical feel. The bold red and blue lettering conjure up the optimism of Le Belle Epoque while offering mischievous hints of a 1920′s Ringling Circus. Hang this handsome relic of French bicycle advertising in your boutique, repair shop or reading nook! 

We are pleased to feature this iconic poster for Peugeot Bicycles, composed in bright primary and secondary colors. Its bold simplicity exudes the dramatic pageantry of a 1930′s movie poster.  You can command the walls of your pied à terre with the chic strength of this classic beauty.  This piece is perfect to brighten an empty corridor or hang as your living room’s focal point. 

Bicycles have been a cultural mainstay for the better part of two centuries and you’ll harness their power when decorating with these retro French posters, making any room a tour de force!

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