It looks like I’m the queen: a Frozen birthday party!

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It’s your beloved daughter’s birthday soon, and who wouldn’t want her to be princess for a day – especially a princess from the fifth-highest grossing movie ever!


First things first: is she an Elsa or an Anna? Older or younger, magical or “normal,” red hair or white?


In case you’ve been frozen inside a glacier, Frozen is Disney’s latest Oscar-winner, starring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff. It’s (loosely) based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, and involves two princess-sisters, icy powers, a mountain man, a reindeer sidekick, a hapless snowman, trolls, eternal winter, a mammoth castle and a race to save the kingdom or Arendelle from wipeout.


Clearly, it’s party material. You could make it a dress-up affair, where everyone comes in character. And make all the food and drinks frozen-themed – icy punch, snow-frosted cupcakes, marshmallow snowmen, ice cream cake. You could even spring for an ice castle!


But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves: you need invitations.


If your princess is a powerful one, the Elsa Birthday Invitation awesomely beckons, “Unleash your powers”: who could say no?


If she’s a positive, determined one, the Anna Birthday Invitation urges guests to “Follow your heart” (and say yes):


As the epic bash winds down, give her guests an unforgettable sendoff with a Strong Bond, Strong Heart Goody Bag – maybe filled with the Frozen DVD, or trolls, or hundreds and hundreds of snowflakes:

And top it off with a heartfelt Thank You Invitation from one of the gals:

This party might even eclipse Frozen itself as the event of the season. No right, no wrong, no rules for her. It looks like she’s the queen.

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