France Series: Les macarons

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The ingredients are simple, but the result is extraordinary. Macarons (pronounced de-lish-us) are a meringue-based French confectionery classic, comprised of almond powder, sugar, eggs and food coloring. Sometimes they have flavors added, sometimes they don’t, but there’s nary a time that they cease to amaze.

Macarons are so good, in fact, that there is an entire museum dedicated to them. The museum, Musée de l’Amande et du Macaron (also known as The Almond and Macaron Museum), is in Montmorillon, a small French town that has made its macarons with the same recipe for over 150 years. A century-and-a-half of the same recipe? You know those are some tasty treats.

You know what they say, though: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. So what’s a sugar-fiend to do? We’ve got just the solution for you. Turn your fixation with these crazy-colored confections into art.

Take these sweet treats and hang them high. Turn your apartment into a shrine to the glorious macaron. While all the prints are calorie-free, we don’t recommend eating them. These beauties are best seen and not tasted.

This adorable French Macarons Watercolor Print features five heavenly macarons floating their way down from, presumably, heaven. Pink, blue, yellow, green and purple macarons pop against a white backdrop for a fun yet clean look. Frame it in a bold, contrasting color to make it really funky or keep it classy with a thin black frame.

Transform your suite into something sweet with the Macaron Suite Gallery-Wrapped Canvas. This great canvas is customizable, so you can get the exact size you need. Whether you’re looking for a smaller version for that awkward nook in the kitchen or a larger-than-life size for above the sofa, this delectable print is certain to satiate your sweet tooth.

Of course, if you’re in need of a truly bold statement piece, this Macaron-centric gem from the Baker’s Joy Collection may be just what your heart has been yearning for. The extra-large poster features renderings of 15 French macarons in just as many colors against a bright green background.

Can’t decide which print is best for you? You could always get one for every room. There’s no such thing as too many marvelous macarons!

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