Get into the swing of baseball season with the new MLB Players Shop

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Today we’re announcing a new addition to the Zazzle team.  The Major League Baseball Players Association now has a Zazzle store. You can find products that are inspired by your favorite Major League players.  We’ve got all baseball fans covered from Arizona to Washington.  The season is in full swing, so get ready to find and create custom merchandise for yourself or for any baseball fan.


Zazzle is offering a large selection of products from t-shirts and hoodies, to wall clocks and pillows.  The history of baseball goes back almost 150 years when baseball’s first professional team was founded in Cincinnati in 1869.   The MLBPA is the union that represents the players of professional baseball.  The MLBPA was founded in 1966 and changed the landscape of professional sports dramatically.  Zazzle is honored to partner with the MLBPA on their first-ever Zazzle store!

If you’re a fan of Justin Verlander and crew, you might enjoy this wall clock because it’s always time for victory-

If you’re a fan of Buster Posey and crew, then perhaps this pillow would be a good luck charm for the black and orange (perhaps for the sofa in front of the TV where you watch all the games)-

There’s no doubt Mike Trout is one of baseball’s greatest, young superstars, so show off your Trout fandom with a high quality Mike Trout poster-

Or, if you’re a Miguel Cabrera fan, check out this cool Miggy iPad case-

In addition, Zazzle artists and designers are welcome to be a part of our FanMerch program.  The FanMerch program is a special opportunity designed to bring you and your favorite players together on Zazzle. This is where you’ll be able to submit your own original designs, inspired by and on behalf of the MLBPA!   Now let’s get out to the ball game!

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