Tips for Curating Collections

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Want to make a curated experience for your audience? Check out the Zazzle Collection Feature which lets you link to a page with products handpicked by you! Maybe you’d like to share your favorite Frozen finds with your Disney fans, or maybe it would be fun to compile a set of Americana goodies for 4th of July – the possibilities are endless. Today we’ll review how to create a collection and go over a few tips to remember.


How To Create a Collection 

You will need:
1) Your associate ID
2) All the product ID’s (or PID’s) you’d like to show in your collection (separated by commas)

Full link:,PID,PID

Part 1:  Collection URL

Part 2: Asscociate ID

Part 3: Product ID’s separated by commas

Collection Feature Tips 

Tip #1 Your associate ID is mandatory. In order for the link to work you will need to include your associate ID in your collections link.


Tip #2 Make sure there are no spaces. Sometimes when creating your link and posting it into WordPress or another similar site, spaces get added into the link and it’s no longer functional.  One way to get around this to use a URL shortner which brings us to our  Tip #3.

Tip #3 Use a URL Shortener. Using a URL shortener like Bitly or Google URL Shortener will ensure that your links will not get extra spaces in them when uploaded to other platforms.  Another plus to using a URL Shortner is that you can view the stats of your link simply by adding “+” to the end of it. –>

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10 thoughts on “Tips for Curating Collections”

  1. I’ve tried making a workable collections link using any number between 3 and 10 product IDs and get the same results each time; I’m taken to a generic Zazzle page.

  2. Sorry, Elizabeth. I was going by the image presented in the Google URL Shortener. Customarily, the image shown when a URL is shortened is of the place you’ll be taken when the link is clicked. But when a collection link is shortened, the only image shown is of a generic Zazzle page. Nevertheless, the link does take one to the proper collection page despite the misleading image.

  3. You have a very nice site with lots of helpful hints. Thank you for promoting my latest design (“Random Shifts”).
    ~Cathy (from BreakTimeHQ Zazzle store)

  4. Liz, with the font used on this blog, the &lst looks like either &1st or &Ist

    It should be & followed by the letter that comes between k and m (l) followed by st

    ~~Mark (HightonRidley)

  5. Right now, if you share a Curated Zazzle Collection link on Facebook or Google+ the image that shows up has nothing to do with the collection. It would be great if the images on the post / share were of the actual products in the collection.

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