Party Series: the ultimate baking bonanza

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First up in our party series: we’re throwing a baking bash!


You start off with a Sunday afternoon. Make something different every time (OK, a few things). You take your basics, like an apple-cherry compote, and add some surprising twists – raspberry-ginger cobbler, tres leches cake, the smoothest chocolate-orange tarts.


You pick your creations based on the season, your mood … and how much time you have. Your recipes get more elaborate every month. Now it’s mixed berry tartlets, English trifle, lemon sorbet.


Yeah, you’re ambitious. And getting crafty with the equipment. You need a food processor, a pestle and mortar, a soufflé dish. Your shopping list grows from just the ingredients to all-new gear. It’s a recipe for baking success.


First, the Sweet Cakes Apron protects your threads from the melting chocolate, flying flour, reducing balsamic, and all stages of meringue. Add your name, and we have ourselves a bona fide dessert chef:


At your stage, you know most of the recipes by heart, in your sleep. With the Cupcake Mania Scratch Pads at your side you can jot down notes on the fly, like a pro – check the oven in 5, tops should be golden-brown:


The final flourish is in the presentation. Out of the pan, onto the platter, covered with a lid to stay under wraps. Set on the Doodle Food Pattern Dessert Tray, and you usher it in to the waiting, devouring crowd:


An hour and a half to bake, and it all disappears in three minutes. Success.

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