Design is Only Half the Battle

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Creating an inspiring and original design is the first step to having a successful product. The second step is making your design visible and searchable by creating a unique  title and description and tagging your design correctly.

Product Design Title Tips

o   Avoid special characters.

o   State what the product design is in simple, searchable terms.

o   Add in general descriptors such as color, pattern and size.

o   Spell check for typos or misspellings.

o   Place the main descriptors towards the front of the product design title based on how a user would search to find your product design.


Okay title:

BBQ Baby Shower Invitation

Great title:

Vintage Chalkboard Baby Boy Shower BBQ Invitation

Product Design Description Tips

o   Provide design details such as: – Features and benefits- Dimensions, fabrication and materials.

o   Use at least 150 words.

o   Spell check and carefully proofread for typos or misspellings.

o   Include keywords, but write for your customers, not a search engine. (We do that for you.)

o   Consider other closely related terms to your product design that didn’t make it in the product design title and use those appropriately (don’t keyword stuff) within your description.

o   Start with a strong/enticing opening description of your design to make customers want to read what you have available.

o   Make it easy to read by formatting your description into multiple short paragraphs.

o   Tell a story! Ask the follow questions and then answer it in the description:

  • What inspired your design?
  • Why does this design work so well on this specific product?
  • Has your design won awards elsewhere?
  • What occasions might this design be great for?
  • Can there be custom changes if they contact you?



Okay description: 

Black and white 8.5 x 11 matte cat print that’s great for decorating any room in the house.

Great description: 

Are cats the animal that you just can’t get enough of? If so, then this 8.5 x 11 matte painted black and white cat poster print will not only brighten up your home, but also brighten up your mood.

This watercolor print was inspired when I was standing in my house, looking out the window at the neighbor’s tuxedo cat sitting in the window sill. She looked so peaceful and tranquil, and yet those black eyes looked like they were carrying the world’s deepest secrets. It makes a great conversational piece and is a great gift for any occasion.

I do offer customization, so please message me with any questions or request.

Product Design Tag Tips

o   Be as specific as possible, avoid vague one word descriptors.

o   Ask yourself if you were to generically look for your product design, what would be the most common search terms?


Okay tags:

Yellow, white, blue, tags, travel

Great tags:

Sunshine monogrammed awning stripe, yellow and white striped monogram, yellow white and blue,  monogram, striped


o   Audit your least successful designs against your most successful and determine what changes you need to make.

o   Add videos, customer photos, or awards received for your designs to help sell your product.

o   Get reviews on your product designs to help convince the customer the quality is amazing.

Like it. Love it. Share it.

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  1. I like your latest invitation to ‘spruce up’ one’s products. Always helpful Zazzle! thank you so much. Will try to update some products before the end of August.

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