Give ’em what they want: 3 steps to swag nirvana

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Swag is like eating a sundae: when it’s awesome it’s heaven, but when it’s not, you wish you hadn’t had it. There’s definitely a spectrum, from the super cheesy to the incredibly creative, from pros like the Boston realtor Katie Malin (whose recent swag included “Malintines”). If you ask her, she’ll say that “if you treat envelopes and letters like an artist’s canvas, they can still bear fruit.”

We couldn’t agree more. So how do you get from mere envelopes and letters to a masterpiece?

1. Think about what they want. When it comes to your customers (real or ideal), what could they actually use? What could you give them that would be useful in their daily lives? Maybe it’s a tote bag or a water bottle, postage stamps, a t-shirt or a deck of cards. The more they use it, the more they’ll think of you and appreciate the gift.

2. Make it personal. To help your swag stand out, tailor it to your business — whether you’re a realtor, hairstylist, DJ or lawyer — and your customers. Think about details like color, font and images, and of course your text.

3. Keep it fun. However serious you are about business, swag is an opportunity to be playful and have a little fun! Your customers will enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you need bright colors and exclamation marks everywhere, but it does mean you can add a fun touch here and there, in keeping with your brand – such as a personalized tin of mints to freshen their breath.

To help you reach swag nirvana, here are some ideas for useful, personal and fun things you can give to your prized customers:


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