Punchy ways to make your space pop

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We can spice up our lives in obvious ways — add a dash of salt to dinner (not so good for you), go out rocking a rainbow scarf (better for winter). But what about spicing up the house, in more lasting ways than an extra pinch of pepper?


Baby step: the accessory. Sit back on the couch (OK, in bed) with a big bowl of popcorn, your favorite sitcom and the Berry Pink Monogram Throw Pillow to cushion your every lazy, slow move. It’s what unwinding’s all about, with added pizzazz:


Berry Pink Monogram Pillow


Level two: the wall hanging. Sure, you could splatter globs of paint on a blank canvas on the floor and call it a homemade Pollock. Or, save the abstract look for the museum, and fill your walls with words of motivation to love your life and conquer the world. For whenever you need inspiration, the Life Mantra Typography Bright Colors Poster reminds us how to lead a truly colorful life:


Life Mantra Positive Typography Poster


Finally: go off-the-wall with some technicolor furniture. It gives you light, it brightens your day — the table lamp is your color-filled gateway. The Modern Colorful Herringbone Table Lamp says, I see your increasingly colorful house, and I raise you a snazzy pattern:

Modern Colorful Herringbone Table Lamp

Now all you need is some face paint, hair dye, highlighters and bell peppers, and you’ll be living the color-wheel dream. Live colorfully and prosper.


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