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We are so excited to start a brand new chapter for Zazzle and our community of artists, shoppers, and creative people all over the world!  This new blog adds many new features including better categorization and improved search functionality. Now it’s even easier for you to find the blog posts that you’re looking for!

We want to continue to give you news and updates plus our perspective from the Zazzle headquarters here in Redwood City, California. And of course we will continue to share fun perspectives from our manufacturing facilities in San Jose, California.

Zazzle San Jose 1

Zazzle San Jose 2

Plus, the new blog format works even better on mobile devices and tablets so you can get your Zazzle news on the go.  We’ve posted some of our favorite blog posts from the past (because we just couldn’t let go!).  For example-

  • For designers and our community of artists and makers, we’ll always give you shout-outs and tips and tricks
  • For shoppers who want creative ideas, we’ve got the awesomely creative DIY section this one might be our personal favorite
  • And for insider perspectives on what it’s like working here (not limited to the cute dogs who come to work every day), check out inside Zazzle – we have some great ideas to share
  • For everyone who wants to know the latest updates, you can read about launches and happenings in the news section – like brand new partner stores
  • For the shoppers, we’ve assembled our take on the most popular product picks with suggestions on themes, styles and trends – like the hottest new colors and patterns


You can bookmark this site, you can subscribe by email, you can leave us comments or even share on social media.  Let’s start this new chapter together!



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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Zazzle blog!”

  1. This is such exciting news for Zazzle and for all of us connected to the big “Z!” I just googled the address and am impressed with the beautiful building and the location – location – location!

  2. I would love to be able to offer my customers a black bistro coffee mug with our logo on it. Please add this item as soon as possible.

  3. Is it possible to organize my store so that different designs are displayed first, and visitors click on a design to see the products offered with that design?(Currently, folks see the same design on many products before they see a different design.)
    I asked someone on the phone, about a year ago, and was told, not yet. Sorry that I have been unable to keep up, with so many other tasks to handle. (A grandfather is in frequent demand.)
    btw – Will this new blog have a link (archive) to the old?

  4. Wow. Just wow. The changes on Zazzle.com are staggering in the last 10-12 months. Did something internal to the company change? Suddenly products are launching several times faster than ever. The quality of each launch is only going up. There are extremely helpful posts announcing new products in the forum for us designers. And now there is a new blog. I’m very excited Liz. Please give my complements to all involved!

  5. Love the new blog and it’s nice to put a face with a name Liz! Your assistance in the forums is always helpful and the evolving design direction and product lines at Zazzle are exciting.

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