Modern jewelry that can be your best friend

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Mae West said that, when it came to diet, she was only interested in carats. Marilyn, of course, said diamonds are a girl’s best friend. How do you get your fix?  When it comes to jewelry, most of us have tiers (dare we say rings?) of friendship.


First are the acquaintances: our most precious pieces. You see them maybe a couple of times a year. You can’t take them just anywhere. There’s usually a lot of planning involved. You need to save up beforehand. And once you are together, wow. What a night that is. So many photos.


Then you have the friends you catch up with every so often. You go through phases where you’re pretty close, then for months on end you won’t see each other. It’s always fun to hang out, but they don’t know you know you.


Finally the jewelry inner circle: your everyday best friend.  You talk on the phone, get brunch every weekend and gossip like the tightest of friends. You’re together practically all the time. They know you inside out. And they know your other friends so well, sometimes they spend time together without you. They’re there for you always. You couldn’t imagine living without them.


The inner circle are friends for life. Even as they age, however many decades have passed, you never stop loving them or get bored.  Sometimes, still, you want another bestie.


If you’re after instant intimacy, go with a ring – and not just any ring. The Mint Green Pink Watercolor Photo Ring is lively, colorful, personal. You can add your own photo or artwork to make it truly yours. It’s sterling-silver plated, waterproof and UV-resistant. So you know it’ll be there always:

Mint Green Pink Watercolor Ring


A dear necklace is literally close to your heart. And with the Modern Love Typography Gold Pendant, you can get a little particular. Choose your text or image, and it’ll get finished in gold. Maybe go with the classic “Love,” an inside joke or special phrase:

Modern Love Typography Gold Necklace


As we know, the most important relationship we ever have is with ourselves. You really are … a gem. So maybe, the most important friend you need to honor is you. The Mint Monogram Charm Bracelet does just that — plated in sterling silver, and scripted with style and love:

Mint Script Monogram Charm Bracelet


Turns out you’re the diamond in the rough.

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