Back to school: teacher essentials

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Holy smokes: it’s already back to school time! One more month and it’s back to pencils, back to books, back to teachers’ dirty looks (or loving, patient, joyful looks).


In all honesty, most of us have had at least one teacher who’s changed our lives. Maybe they taught English, History, or Science. Maybe they had pencils in their hair. Had perennially falling glasses. Taught us the meaning of “existentialism” or “monomaniacal” or the difference between a “genus” and a “species.”  We were just so in awe, we couldn’t stop staring, mouth agape, and wanted to be them in every way.  You may be one of those teachers who’s changing kids’ lives! And you need your school supplies, too. We’re kicking off our Back to School series with essentials for teachers – because you need your caffeine fix, organizers, to-do lists even more than most of us.


We’ll start you off with one of the handiest and niftiest things invented: the clipboard. Lesson plans, quizzes, to-do lists – you name it, it can be clipped. And it won’t disappear. The Colorful Striped Teacher’s Clipboard can be customized with your own name (or the name of your favorite historical figure?) and says to the world, “I’m cool and so together”:

Colorful Striped Teacher’s Clipboard


For those moments when you just need a sip of chamomile, or a triple shot of espresso, turn to that font of rejuvenation. That source of “Serenity now!”. The “Don’t make me use my teacher voice” mug, for all the times you just need a moment of pause, cool, calm and collected, before the storm:

Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Mug


And sometimes, you can’t be the broken record anymore. You wish someone would magically answer for you. Behold: the “It’s in the syllabus” canvas bag. Black text on white, nonsense-free, unequivocal. The truth speaks loudest:

It’s in the Syllabus Canvas Bag


We know that you’ll get an A for attendance (you are the teacher after all).  But for those of us who are not teachers but teacher’s pets, all of these items could make for lovely gifts to bring to our new instructor for the first day of school.  Now that’s the way to start off the school year!

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