Animal Series: Around the world in 80 cats

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“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” – Mark Twain


Cats, as we know them, are almost ten thousand years old. They may have been domesticated since the Neolithic period, and are thought to come from the African wildcat (felis catus) in western Asia.  In ancient Egypt, the cat was a cult animal. Maybe cats would drain Cleopatra’s milk baths?  Unlikely: generally they’re lactose-intolerant. That cliché of feeding them milk – don’t do it! But they are big meat-eaters. So you can keep your kale and tempeh to yourself.  They’re also amazing listeners – they hear sounds that are too quiet or too high in frequency for our ears, perfect for catching mice and other small animals. They have a better sense of smell than humans, too. Cats generally live for at least fourteen years, and they’re highly social and rapid breeders. And despite their reputation as divas, cats are the world’s most popular pet.


We all know and love the beautiful state of Florida known for Disney World, beaches, crocodiles, even mojitos.  But let’s not forget, kittens. Buckets of them – these eight-week-old kittens in rural Florida are so cute, and this tile can also be used as a coaster or trivet:

Eight-Week-Old Kittens Tile


On Crete, Greece’s largest island, it can feel like its own country.  Crete is known for stunning beaches, delicious food (the tomatoes!), sheep, music and regional pride. Chania, along the north coast, is the second-largest city and full of water sports. Perhaps this spotted cat is cooling off after a dip in the Mediterranean, in this photo shown on a coaster:

Cat and Bucket Chania, Greece Coaster


Like garden gnomes in photos, cats get around.  Kairouan, Tunisia, sandwiched between Libya and Algeria, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region is considered a masterpiece of architecture and Islamic art, with an area of almost 100,000 square feet! It’s also home to this cat and this blue door on a postcard:

Blue Door Tunisia, Africa Postcard


But truth be told, we most often picture our dear feline friends sleeping by our side.  This image may be most universal and familiar – the loving creature asleep on the bed as captured by Claude Monet.  Perhaps this cat was enjoying a nap next to an open window enjoying the breeze from the French countryside, as Monet was an impressionist painter known for his landscapes (and water lilies of course):

Cat Sleeping on a Bed by Claude Monet Postcard



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