Maker Moment: Custom Pillows

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Bring a splash of color to your home with decorative pillows designed by you and made by Zazzle! Let us show you how Zazzle takes your photos, phrases or favorite memories and turns them into a pillow that is perfect for any bed, window seat, sofa or bench.

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17 thoughts on “Maker Moment: Custom Pillows”

  1. I like this video and it would be great to share on my page at Facebook and on my blog. I’ve had people email me to ask how the pillows are made.

  2. I ordered two throw pillows to further the ancient Egyptian motif in my living room. The Horus design I chose was reproduced beautifully on the pillows. Guests now remark on my Zazzle pillows which now are conversation pieces.

  3. I love the photo pillows. I have ordered 5 so far and they are all perfect. My friends are now ordering, too!

  4. Thank you for that video! So cool! For some reason I picture my items like there are not many people that spend time with it. It was nice to see and I give mad props to those ladies sewing because I try to sew and fail!

  5. Dear Zazzle, Your video of making pillows is very interesting, we’ll watch them all, later-on. I’ll sign with my original ‘logo’ (I think it’s an original, having never seen quite exactly the same). BTW: my Email & logo are because my DOB is the day before Halloween so I’m a WitchBitch ( a Witch’s ‘Familiar’ is a cat (—=^..^=—)…
    SEE? BTW: The pillows I’ve had you make for me are super-duper & even have the zippers so the recipient can launder them! Sincerely,

  6. Dear Zazzle,
    It’s sooo convenient for one so confined as I, to be able to send cards/letters via your system. Being unable to shop the actual stores for greetings etc. I still can send/make greeting-cards &/or letters via the PC. Although confined to a PowerChair & unable to converse via phone (too many TIAs) & being neurologically damaged, I can still sit at the computer, activate the keyboard & visit the Internet. Sincerely,—=^..^=—<3

  7. Loving this videos. So great to see how you are making up these pillows. Wonderful to the zazzle production team in action and know the product is in good hands.

  8. The pillow quality does great justice to my art work. I’ve purchased a few of my own designs to pretty up the decor in a more unique way (not relying on the ole stand-by of standard wall art), and have had friends and family go simply gaga over them. They really are a wonderful way to display art; I’ve given several as gifts by request, lol. Besides that, they’re really soft, and well constructed too. Functional art!

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