Back to school: too cool for high school

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Good morning, everyone. (Is this on? Can you hear me?) Could we have everyone’s attention, please? Before we kick off the school year with this morning’s announcements, on behalf of all our teachers and staff, we would like to give you a super warm welcome back after what we hope was a fabulous summer. And to this year’s incoming freshmen, welcome to your new home for the next four years.


We’re so excited for this year, and we hope you’re feeling refreshed and raring to go after the break. We know you’ll do your very best every day.  Without further delay, here are the morning’s announcements. Today, they’re all about our top essentials for anyone who’s feeling a little too cool for school right now.


We’ve been noticing around school that messenger bags are all the rage. From what we’re seeing around the halls, we really like the Super Hero Battle Messenger Bag, a throwback to some of the superheroes we used to love back in the Stone Age. It’s big enough for all your books and binders, and machine-washable in case any lunches take a spill:

Super Hero Battle Messenger Bag

We know how addicted everyone is to their phone these days. (We’re no exception.) Not that we condone using your phone in class, ever, but during breaks and lunch we know how crucial it is to keep that phone protected from all kinds of accidents. We’re loving the Yak Yak Yak iPhone 4 Cover. As you may know from Biology, yaks are incessant talkers – so we may as well embrace it, right?

 Yak Yak Yak iPhone 4 Cover

On the fashion front, we can never keep up with all the trends and fads around here, but we do see that stylish hair ties never change (and shouldn’t). And we know how much people love custom things with their name on it. If that’s you, you will love the Customizable Ribbon Hair Tie, perfect for showing off your name and showing some school spirit.

 Customizable Name School Spirit Hair Tie

That’s all for the morning announcements. Have a wonderful year, everyone, and stay cool.

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