Featured Designer Interview with Nic Squirrell

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Today we’re talking to designer Nic Squirrell, from Kent, England. Her illustrations of animals and beautiful scenery are influenced by the beautiful Kent countryside, her travels abroad and her fun imagination!

Tell us a bit about you!

I live in Kent, England with my other half, our daughter and two and a half cats. When I’m not drawing I like running and drinking wine, but not at the same time.

What’s your background in art and design? Did you go to art school?

I studied Creative Visual Arts and 3D Design at the University of Greenwich, London, which was a huge amount of fun.

How and when did you get started with your Zazzle store?

I started my store in 2009 after hearing about it from friends. I had a lot of digital art that I didn’t know what to do with, and Zazzle was the perfect way to get it onto a variety of products.

Jellies on Plates Pillow

Where do you get your inspiration? You have lots of designs of animals – are you a nature lover? You must live in a very beautiful part of the country!

Kent is known as the Garden of England and yes, it’s very pretty. Our village is surrounded by orchards and fruit fields. I am inspired by what I see on early morning walks or runs.


Bluebells, Challock Tea Towel

Birches Place Mats

You also have some beautiful images of places abroad. Are you inspired by travel?

I travelled a lot with my family and grew up in Japan. I love to see new places and architecture, travel is always an inspiration and I am never without my sketchbook. I’d love to travel more, Cuba would be amazing.

Paris Blues Laptop Computer Sleeve

What’s your favorite design on your Zazzle store? Tell us a bit about it…

The Fox and the Forest is my all-time favorite. Mr Fox arrived as a scribble on the back of an envelope. He deserved better so I gave him a forest to live in. He is very happy there.

The Fox and the Forest Postcard

What Zazzle product do you prefer to add designs to?

My background is in wall art, so canvas prints are my favorite, but it is fun to see my art on such a variety of products from plates to phone cases. Lately, I have been working on wedding stationery, which is a little bit different for me.

Elephants iPhone 4 Cover

Garland Wedding Stationery Personalized Invitation

How do you promote your store? We love your blog, by the way!

Thank you! I promote my store on my blog, my website, on Facebook, Pinterest and as an email signature when appropriate.

I also have some Zazzle business cards with my art and my Zazzle store address printed on them to give out.

Do you have any advice for designers just starting out on Zazzle?

Take a bit of time to make your own templates for Quick Create so that you can get your art onto a large number of suitable products easily.

Check the forums for lots of useful tips and information.

Promote your store on social media.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy making art!


Another Rainy Day iPhone 5/5S Case

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  1. I was trying to get some more information from zazzle, and I came across your blog page. I read it carefully because I started my Zazzle design a few months ago and haven’t gotten any response yet. I am glad you mentioned some ways to promote the design. I am not great at marketing but reading about your efforts encourage me to push forward. Thanks.

  2. Good interview, I am also from the UK in Cheshire we went to Kent last year for a holiday just outside Ashford; lovely place. Great designs, love the fox.

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