Maker Moment: DODOcase

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Join our partners at local San Francisco maker DODOcase for an inside look at how your Zazzle designs combine with the timeless look of a hardcover book to provide both personalization and protection for your device. Using traditional bookbinding techniques, the craftspeople at DODOcase incorporate your one of a kind Zazzle design into their custom cases to ensure a high quality product that will look great for years.

Check out our video above to see the amazing collaboration of custom iPad cases designed by you on Zazzle, and handmade by our friends at DODOcase in San Francisco.


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9 thoughts on “Maker Moment: DODOcase”

  1. Thank you. I appreciate you guys. Thanks for the videos. Super thanks for the great products & workmanship & personal TLC.

  2. You all are awesome! So far, my experience has been with your t-shirts, puzzles, notcards, prints. Thank you for what you do! I am an artist the really enjoys the opportunity you give to creativity for artists!
    Julie Lemons

  3. Such fun – I have one similar and will promote this product from Zazzle at my site! ONE THING – the video above is WONDERFUL, but show the product in its FINISHED state at start and finish to make us hungry for it 😀 elle

  4. Makar moment videos are awesome!
    those videos are amazingly worth watching and sharing.
    Wanna see more updated videos to see how customized-products are created, made, and shipped!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. How much do they cost and how long does it take to make ship them. Is it cheaper to buy more at a time?

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