6 Tips for Designing iPhone 6 Cases

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Can you believe that the iPhone 6 is almost here? That’s right! And what’s more important than a new phone? Having the most fashionable and fun case to go with it.

In this week’s Tips & Tricks, we’re giving pointers on design migration for the new iPhone 6 cases, as well as discussing current trends so you can offer a variety of the most unique and stylish cases in your store.

 Tip #1: Remember the basics

Make sure that the design covers the entire printable area. If your design does not fill the whole space, you can select a background color or add a background image that helps fill in all the gaps so you  don’t end up with a white bar along the edges.

Tip#2: Check the design migration

Check your Products page to see if any of your previous iPhone designs have been automatically migrated for you onto our new iPhone 6 cases. If so, make sure that the design fits well with the new iPhone design. Is there a part of the design that’s covered up by the new camera space?  Does your design go well with the new design area?  It’s important to check each and every design to make sure that they transferred over nicely.

Tip #3: Create unique content

Update your product descriptions, title and tags. Google wants unique reasons why a similar design on a different product is valuable to provide in its search results. Explaining to Google (and potential customers) why your new case is special helps Google’s algorithm see the value. Duplicate information means to Google that there’s no added value, so it will, at best, choose a design for one product, even if that’s on an older product.

Tip #4: Review designs that work well

Review your top performing designs. Some of these designs have been migrated which means they will likely show up high at the search. You will want to leverage all areas, of your top designs like the description, to help improve the conversion rate of your designs. New designs are hit and miss, but past winning designs? That is nearly guaranteed for you to do well and additional fixes on the description will be low-hanging fruit.

Tip #5: Research current trends 

Go online and check out what  styles are popular today. Pinterest is a great resource to find what is “in” right now. A few themes and patterns that we found work well are chevron, nautical, tribal, floral, inspirational, monogram, and vintage. We’ve also seen that feathers, fish, cats, and mustaches seem to attract an audience.  Don’t forget that there is an tool option to tile your design in case you want to make a pattern.

Tip #6:  Be creative

How you promote yourself changes over time and how you pitched the design on an older iPhone might not work as well today. Refreshing your reasons will help sell it better. In the same way, Google loves fresh content as a reason to place it into its search results too.

Remember to have fun with it and refer back to our Design for the Product,  5 Tips for Staying Inspired, and 5 Tips for Original Designs blog posts for more tips and ideas for your designs.

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