Top Ten Sweet New Gifts, Made for You

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When we were growing up, if you can believe it, cupcakes were a fringe treat. Cake pops didn’t exist. Macarons were only in France! Man, we’ve evolved.

Our conclusion: we can now be nicer. People like Veronica’s Treats are making it easier, sweeter and so fun to amp up our celebrations. Have you seen what they do with a cookie? Just don’t look when you’re hungry.

The explosion of custom food gift possibilities has given us so many ideas (excuses) for occasions to try them out. We had to make a list: the Top Ten Occasions for a Food Giftstravaganza.

10. Your kid’s birthday

Picture this: Caitlin’s turning seven. Her little first-grade friends are swarming around the house, bouncing off the walls, shrieking their eyeballs out, arms akimbo, squealing galore. You’re popped an aspirin (every half-hour). Their merciful parents are getting them in fifty minutes, giving you just enough time to do presents, and then silence them with the pièce de résistance.

Somehow you corral them into the living room. Presents are everywhere. They think they’re in for a multi-tiered cake, but then: in you glide with seventeen Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake Pops (and a side of cupcakes). A hush falls over the herd. Every colorful cake pop says “Happy birthday Caitlin!”. They’re gone in twenty seconds. Insanity resumes. Caitlin’s on Cloud 9:

Girl’s Birthday Ice Cream Cake Pops

9. Your partner’s birthday

Picture everything we’ve just said, but with tipsy adults instead of first-graders and Ronaldo instead of Caitlin. (It’s our fantasy.)

8. Your co-worker’s work anniversary

Jamie’s been at the company for five years. A bottle of red at the nearby wine bar won’t do the trick this time. So you find Jamie’s mugshot from the first day at work — awkward lighting, a look of mild fear — and slap it onto a dozen fudge brownies. Hello!

Custom Brownie Square

7. Your anniversary

You and wifey have been married forty years. Your secret? Two words: “Yes, dear”.

The kids and grandkids are coming over, and everyone knows you love a cookie as much as they do. What they don’t know is, you’ve pre-ordered two dozen, topped with the photo of you two on the day you met. (And they think your memory’s going.)

Benefit number one: the look of love on your wife’s face. Benefit number two: leftovers.

Custom Photo Sugar Cookies



6. Graduation

Caitlin’s finishing high school. High school! She was just devouring cake pops with her hyper little friends. Now she’s majoring in Sociology.

What she doesn’t know is, when you get home from the ceremony, you won’t be able to see the kitchen table for all the brownies. Each one has a different photo from every year of school: learning to read, the first soccer game, field trip to the science museum, last year’s camping trip, this year’s Spanish prize. You’ve left tissues next to the table.

Congratz Graduate Colorful Brownie

5. Wedding

The new wedding cupcake is the wedding cake pop. You heard it here first. Imagine the tiers of cake pops bedecked with an early, adorable photo of you and Ronaldo (or Josie, or René …):

Custom Photo Cake Pops

4. Popping the question

Here’s how you get to yes. Sunny day, mountaintop, leisurely hike, hydration, reminiscing, Dipped Oreos with the photo of the spot where you first met: here.

Custom Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreo

3. Just for laughs

Your and Ash’s teenaged pastime was calling Dairy Queen to order cakes saying: “Sorry for your loss, Steve.” “Better luck next time, Dave.”

Your second-favorite pastime: covering Oreos with more sugar. Chocolate sauce, icing, chocolate sauce and icing …

Why not combine the two? What have you been doing with your life?!

2. Just for love (of the person, and cookies)

It’s Monday. Blech. You know when your +1 gets home, all they’ll want is a bath, glass of red, croony tunes and alone time. They’ll emerge from the bath toweled, refreshed, ready for food. Next to dinner they’ll see a batch of cookies saying: “Monday’s over!” Big smooch. Big sugar high.


1. Do you really need an occasion to get brownies?

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