Don’t miss: the summer crab boil

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The legendary Nora Ephron ended her final book, I Remember Nothing, with two lists: “What I won’t miss,” and “What I’ll miss.” Things she won’t miss include email, technology in general, taking off makeup (hear hear), bad dinners, and polls.

Things she will miss range from her kids and last husband to foods like waffles and bacon and entering Manhattan from a bridge.

It also includes things you find in summer, at a crab boil (not in her order):

A walk in the park

The idea of a walk in the park

The park



Dinner with friends


In tribute to Nora, why not seize the summer – and life – with a delicious dinner with friends, outside, with butter?

First off, invite your favorite friends, and while you’re at it, don’t do it by email. The Rustic Low Country Boil Invitation is intimate, homey and all about what’s important – good food, and great friends:

Rustic Low Country Crab Boil Invitation

When they get there, with wine and beer and hearty appetites, treat them to a generous spread (no bad dinners for you). Bring out the pie, the butter, the crab, the bibs on Blue and White Crab Shape Serving Trays, and the night (or day) will be unforgettable:

Blue and White Crab Shape Serving Tray

It doesn’t have to end there. Cover your iPhone with an Old Bay Taste of Summer iPhone 5C Case, and you can keep with you every day the memory of the things you love most – the laughs, the friends, the food and the gorgeous outdoors:

Old Bay Taste of Summer Pattern iPhone 5C Case

Nora always knew how to steer us.

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