Featured Designer Interview with Jessie Ford

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 Today we’re talking with Jessie Ford, one of our great designers from the UK, about her colorful and kid-friendly designs in Zazzle store SugarSnapStudio.

Hi, Jessie! Tell us a bit about where you’re from.

I live in Stoke Newington, East London, in an old converted Church Rooms building. It’s a lovely villagey spot yet amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. There are lots of sweet cafes and cool shops in the area and lots of young, hip mums! I sell quite a lot of work locally because there are so many kids in the area.

Whale in the Thames Canvas Print

What about your likes and dislikes? Any pet peeves?

I really enjoy painting, photography and anything to do with interior design. My perfect weekend consists of hunting around a flea market, looking for bargains.

I like bright neon pink, stripy socks and eating Jaffa cakes. I also have a rather crazy addiction
to Desert Island Discs.

I dislike bad manners, tuna fish and the colour beige! It’s colour, colour, colour all the way for me!

My dream is to one day own my own dog!


Sheriff Dog Pillow


What’s your background in art and design? Did you go to art or design school?

I studied at Bath School of Art & Design, which was such a great experience! I had some really inspiring teachers and was amongst a really talented bunch of people. Bath is renowned for its beautiful buildings and I have to say that living in a Georgian Crescent, while a student, is tough to beat!

I moved to London immediately after graduating, to pursue my creative dreams. I’ve been illustrating for the last eight years – working on children’s books, producing colourful packaging, doing artwork for advertising clients and painting murals. My clients have included Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Sophie Dahl, Nokia and Debenhams to name a few!

Tiger in a Tutu Receiving Blanket

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love anything that’s bright, colourful and graphic! I’m a keen photographer so I’m always on the look out for things that catch my eye – whether that’s a nice bit of typography, a lovely colour scheme or a kid’s toy that makes me laugh. I particularly like things that have a retro quality to them.


Alphabet iPhone 5/5s Cover

What’s your favourite design on your Zazzle store? Tell us a bit about it…

I really like my fruit designs – especially the plates and the lunch boxes. I just think they’re quite funny and silly – they make me smile whenever I see them! I also think they make eating fruit fun, so they’re good for kids who might be picky eaters (I should know as I practically lived off fish fingers for the first five years of my life!).

Apples Lunch Box

What Zazzle product do you prefer to add designs to?

I actually really like all of the products on the Zazzle site. I think you have some great designers! I guess the cards and the coasters are my favourite – things that are square or rectangular are the easiest to transfer my images onto – but I quite like seeing my work on the more irregular shaped things, like the bibs. It gives my work a totally new look.


Cuteness Baby Bib

How do you promote your store?

I promote my store through my Facebook page, on my Twitter page, and on my Instagram account.

If you like my work, feel free to follow me!

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  1. I’ve always loved reading these articles, as a fellow Zazzle designer I’d love to hear more advice on starting a shop, getting work noticed and general tips for zazzle success!
    Looking forward to the next one!

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