For tea time or neat time: elegant stone coasters

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Is anyone else sometimes a neat freak? Is it just us? It can’t just be us. Tailgating people with a damp washcloth to clean up every crumb. Instantly washing all the dishes. Folding clothes at perfect right angles. Sitting back on the couch (shoes off), crossing our ankles below the just-polished coffee table to gaze lovingly at the spick and span living room. Nirvana is neat!


There are so many reasons to use a coaster. We’ll start with five:


  1. Avoid those rings that need to be tailgated with a damp washcloth. More time for life, or other cleaning!
  2. Is there anything more dignified than a rest for a glass? It’s a cushion for their tush. A footrest for their … feet. A doily for their heat.
  3. They work for every beverage: coffee, tea, wine, even water – or even hot food.
  4. You can take them anywhere, like a little black dress: housewarmings, birthdays, weddings. It’s the gift that keeps on giving every time someone takes a sip or a swig.
  5. They get more and more stylish by the day. Our minds are boggled.


Case in point: the Vintage Monogram Stone Coaster. Pick your favorite stone – will it be marble, limestone, sandstone or travertine (sibling to limestone)? Then choose your letter(s). Since you order them individually, you can even choose a series of different letters to spell a word! Like “C-O-A-S-T-I-N-G” or “I R-O-C-K”? (Get it?)


Vintage Personalized Monogram Stone Coaster


The Massachusetts Stone Coaster is patriotic and as cool as stemless glassware. Impress any New Englanders (or allies) or indulge your own regional pride, a memorize the map while you’re at it. Could come in handy for the next cocktail party, complete with … these coasters:


Massachusetts Stone Coaster


As we like to say: the best coast is the stone coast. Now, gotta get back to dusting.

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