Oh snap: art that grows on trees

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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


If the woodchuck (or groundhog) we’re talking about has anything to do with Wood Snap, a whole lot.


Imagine … a world where memories get printed on trees. Where people’s favorite photographs, artworks, sayings and more are custom-set onto birch plywood with sustainable ink. And for every new wooden canvas, a new tree gets planted. One-of-a-kind, timeless …


Luckily for you, that world is totally here. Basically, Wood Snap works in a snap with three easy steps: you choose your print size (out of 10 options), upload your image, and order that print. Ta-da! (And, it’s sustainably manufactured.)


If we had to choose some favorite prints that we didn’t make … that would actually be really easy. Number one: the Eiffel Tower in Mixed Media. Because who can say no, ever, to seeing any version of that tower? We could gaze for the rest of our lives. And now we will, with a multi-colored sky in the background:

Eiffel Tower in Mixed Media Wood Print

For something adorable, owls are a winner. The Watercolor Owl print could stare back at you all day, earnest and innocent, as you contemplate the beauty of the natural world … or waste an afternoon watching TV:

Watercolor Owl Nature Art Wood Canvas

Combining another awesome place with another awesome animal, the Massachusetts Seagull canvas is dignified and proud. Colorful sunset, calm waters and still (silent!) birds make us relaxed like being on the seaside. Ahhh:

Massachusetts Sea Gulls Scene Wood Canvas

We’re taking one of each, and poring over photos for a custom one to boot. Now we just need more walls.

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