Magnetic iPad covers: a few of our favorite things

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Fräulein Maria from The Sound of Music had her favorite things. So does Oprah. And so do we.


Where to start? Well … a warm, sudsy bath after a long hike. Undercooked brownies (with extra chunks of chocolate). Women who are “firsts” (like the latest award-winner in math!). Nature reserves. Mountaintops. Black-diamond runs (on a “Yes you can” day). U-pick berries. Voting. Not doing activities ending in “thon.” The endangered lemonade stand (can the World Wildlife Fund get on that?).


Also: things that make life, and life with an iPad, easier.


Have we gushed about In a Flash Laser yet, or what they’ve done for the iPad? They engrave, they cover, they partner with artists (and us). They’re wizards of protecting, and bedecking, that tablet. We’re not worthy!


They can custom-engrave your iPad with images, quotations, you name it. They can laser stunning art onto the back – the Eiffel Tower, an elk, a beach scene (for constant summer).


What will they think of next? Well, they’ve now outdone themselves: a gaggle of magnetic iPad covers that can fold up into a stand.


Just get a load of the Abstract Stripes Neon Watercolor Pattern iPad Cover, and try telling us it’s not your new favorite thing:

Abstract Stripes Neon Watercolor Pattern iPad Cover


Ditto the Coral Vintage Anchor Monogram iPad Mini Cover, which has your name on it, plus an unforgettable color and timeless design. Thin, lightweight, customized – anchors aweigh:


Coral Vintage Anchor Monogram iPad Mini Cover


We simply remember – and use – our favorite things, and then we don’t feel … so bad!

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