Announcing the Associate Tier Challenge

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Hi all! Today we are happy to announce the Associate Challenge. As it’s time to ramp up for the holidays, it’s also time to ramp up your affiliating efforts. In the month of October, we’ll be offering giveaways to all Zazzle associates who reach the threshold of 50, 100, 150 referrals during this month. With that in mind, it’s time to start prepping your designs and links, because the challenge starts this week!

The goal is simple: earn as many referrals as you can between October 1st, 2014 and October 31st, 2014.  All Zazzle associates are welcome to participate – if you have a Zazzle referral ID (which comes with your Zazzle account), you’re invited to join in!  You can find your ID here. Qualifying referrals include referrals earned on orders for products placed between October 1st, 2014 12:00 A.M. through October 31st, 2014 11:59 P.M. except for any orders that were cancelled or products that were returned.

We are offering the giveaways in three tiers so everyone has the chance to participate in the challenge. Along with the giveaways, the top two associates from each tier will be featured in a Zazzle blog post on November 8, 2014.

Giveaway Tiers

Tier 1:   150+ referrals = $50  Zazzle credit*

Tier 2:   100-150 referrals = $25  Zazzle credit*

Tier 3:    50-100 referrals = $10  Zazzle credit*

*We’ll deposit this amount in your Zazzle account, to be used against future Zazzle products.  The credits cannot be redeemed for cash.

Let’s work together to make October the best month of 2014 yet!

Here are few helpful links:

Making Money with Referrals 

Associate Handbook

Join the fun and start referring today!

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10 thoughts on “Announcing the Associate Tier Challenge”

  1. Great Initiative. I’m happy to work towards those goals.

    Many affiliates and designers, like myself, rely heavily on RSS feeds to promote products on Zazzle, whether our own or those of other designers. For the last few weeks though we’ve been seriously disadvantaged insofar as one aspect of the RSS feeds (retrieving product data from a feed using a specific product id) is broken and there is still no word of a fix (It has been reported). It will be an uphill struggle to promote products in blogs and tweets with missing zazzle storebuilder product pages that are being dropped from search engine indexes because of it.

    Pro-Designer and Affiliate

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thank you! We’re hoping to do more of these challenges throughout the year. We are aware of the RSS feed problem, and we’re hoping to have it fixed sooner rather than later.

      Have a wonderful day!

      Elizabeth P.

      1. Hi Elizabeth,

        I’m writing as one of your larger associates who also relies on RSS. I’m having a lot of trouble finding any official information on the RSS issue, but it’s seriously impacting us too. This forum thread: suggests that pt= is no longer supported in the rss url (and that we should instead be using dp=). This would be a major change for us and we need to know officially if we need to change our code or not. Are things temporarily broken, or do we need to fix things on our end? Thanks for your help!

        1. Hi Ben,

          Thank you for reaching out. This is a great question and here are the details of the change:

          The pt parameter is not supported in search anymore and we now use department or the dp parameter. For example, Dp=252657725253948300 is the clothing department.

          You can retrieve any department number by searching for something and then filtering to the department in the left navigation.

          I hope this helps answer you question.
          Best regards,
          Elizabeth P.

          1. Hi Elizabeth,

            Thanks very much for your reply. That does clear things up and we’re updating our code. I’m sure this will affect a lot of people using Zazzle’s RSS feeds!


  2. The RSS feed frequently has problems and is very unreliable. Although we use it for some auto posting of new products, we use traditional links and images in our web sites. It takes longer to set up but the time invested is worth it because we are never down.

    We invest plenty of time and money in promoting Zazzle and it is costly to us when their end is not held up.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are aware of the RSS feed issue and we will keep you updated on the progress. In the meantime, we do appreciate you finding a solution for posting your links and ensuring that they work.

      Thank you and good luck in the challenge.

      Elizabeth P.

  3. I am a designer and I promote the designs of others. I’m not doing well at the affiliate side though. I do see items I’ve designed and that I’ve been promoting selling but no referral fees so I’m doing something wrong ( or right as they’re selling at least lol). I need to figure out what’s not working. Meanwhile if anyone would like to check out my profile and promote my shops I’d be delighted. The stock is very consumer friendly and niche. x

    1. Hi LeahG,

      Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your concern.

      I would love to take a look at your promoting tactics and make some suggestions.

      I will email you shortly and hopefully we’ll work together on improving your referrals.

      Best regards,
      Elizabeth P.

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