Caffeine: Gotta have it or gotta avoid it?

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Caffeine comes in many forms: coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks – even soap! It’s the pick-me-up that can be found in countries all over the world.

Of course, it can also be found here at Zazzle! With the celebration of International Coffee Day earlier this week, as well as talk around the office of potential dangers of caffeine to your success, the debate was on. Between the latte lovers and the herbal tea enthusiasts, we Zazzlers haven’t yet come to a consensus.

The question comes down to this: is caffeine a beneficial booster or is it a productivity killer? It’s time to weigh the pros and cons and pick your side to help us settle our friendly discussion.

caffeine feat img

 Coffee is a Drug Mug

Are you a die-hard coffee fiend who doesn’t even feel human before that first cup of the day?

Funny Coffee Mug for Mom

Grammar Nut Caffeine Effect Mug




Or are you an early-rising, water-chugging, fruit-and-veggie-filled smoothie connoisseur?

Peace Heart Green Smoothie Grocery Bag

Water Drink It Oval Sticker

Maybe you’re a reformed coffee addict, or you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake. If so, remember that you can do hard things – like saying no to that fourth cup of joe, or keeping a fun reminder on your desk to take an “aqua” break instead of a coffee break.

We Can Do Hard Things Momastery Magnet

Aquaman Lunging with Spear Mousepad

 Or maybe you’re a java evangelist, happy to share a tongue-in-cheek recommendation for increased coffee consumption to all of your friends.

Drink Coffee Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy Postcard

Stop Drinking Coffee T-Shirt

Whichever you like, say it loud and proud! No need to wear your heart on your sleeve – showing off your preference on the front of your shirt will do, whether it’s simply your favorite molecule or proclaiming yourself a “Tea Rex”.

Caffeine T-Shirt

Tea Rex T-Shirt

What’s your beverage of choice? Caffeine or no caffeine? Whatever you pick, just don’t forget the coaster!

Kanji Water in Koribata Style Beverage Coaster

I Love Tea Beverage Coaster

Coffee Beans Beverage Coaster

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One thought on “Caffeine: Gotta have it or gotta avoid it?”

  1. Caffeine does give you a boost of energy but you then quickly come down and feel worse than ever. It’s not good for you. I still enjoy the odd cup though. Everything in moderation :).

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