Raising the (Dessert) Bar

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Once upon a time, cake was the end-all be-all of celebratory confections. Birthdays. Weddings. Farewells. This traditional treat was la crème de la crème, the queen of the dessert kingdom. Then, in the early 2000s, cupcakes in all their miniature, frosted glory took the dessert world by storm, transforming sweet, blushing brides into frenzied, fire-breathing bridezillas. From gourmet boutiques to Cupcake Wars, these single-serve sweets became a mainstay in confectionary culture.

As bona fide dessert connoisseurs (you can check our certification later), we’re huge fans of baked goods in all shapes and sizes. Big cakes. Little cakes. Cupcakes. We’re also quite fond of cookies, donuts, pastries, macaroons, truffles, brownies, candy … basically anything containing sugar. That’s why we’re so sweet on the latest dessert craze: The Dessert Table. It’s a trend that suggests we can have our cake … and the rest of the dessert menu, too. Because seriously, why settle for one option when you can have a smörgåsbord of sweets, right? Right.

Can’t decide between carrot cake cupcakes and mini ice cream sundaes? Serve them both. Torn between a traditional three-layer cake and an array of colorful hard candies? Have it all. You love gourmet cookies, but your spouse-to-be insists on cheesecake? Marriage may be all about compromise, but this is one debate you can both win.

Here’s a little inspiration to get your appetite going.

Every dessert table needs a focal point, and sometimes, a monogrammed jumbo cookie may be just what the dessert doctor ordered:

Monogram Jumbo Cookie


If “bigger is better” isn’t quite your mantra, you can still make your guest of honor shine front and center with a cookie – or even a dipped Oreo! – that is smaller in size but still big on delicious:

Custom Kids Birthday Photo Cookies

Dots Black Silhouette Princess Dipped Oreos

It hasn’t been long since we’ve featured these, but I mean, really – is there such a thing as too many cake pops? We think not. Dedicate a corner of your spread to these bite-size beauties.

Custom Photo Cake Pops

As equal opportunity sugar fiends, we don’t think there is such a thing as too many brownies, either. Especially when you use them to spread birthday cheer.

Pink and Orange Floral Custom Happy Birthday Brownie

Of course, presentation is everything, so be sure to artfully display each offering on a statement piece, like this personalized food tray (if you’re hosting a bridal shower, the tray makes a sweet gift, too):

Personalized Food Tray

And remember: The first rule of Party Going is to always leave room for dessert. Now, grab your elastic-waist pants and dig in.

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