Holiday Tips Part 1

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The holiday season in just around the corner! We’re here to help you prepare for our busiest time of year with a few tips and reminders for your products and store.

1. The best templates are easy templates

We all know the best thing about Zazzle is that you can make a product uniquely your own by customizing it. Make sure that your customers can easily add their own personal touch to your best designs by marking each customizable text or image layer of your design as a template, and allowing editing right on the product page. Check out our previous blog post on template tips if you need a refresher!

mark as template

Bonus tip: Think about varying your default templates as well. Love monograms? Get creative! The letter ‘M’ may an easy one to pick: it’s nice and symmetrical, and M is for monogram, right? Not necessarily! Variety is the spice of life, and the same is true for your Zazzle designs. Show your customers that monograms can be any letter.

2. Competitive royalty rates.

Think like a consumer when creating your products, and set your royalty rate so that your products are at a competitive price point for the busy holiday season. We recommend a royalty rate of 5 – 10%. If you’d like to see your product on a featured page or other prominent area of our site, you’ll need to keep this in mind as well. Our promotions team can only feature products with royalty rates lower than 15%.

3. Let us be your guide.

We’re always working hard to help our customers easily find the perfect product. Especially during the holiday season, we have many special pages on the site that can be helpful to you as a Designer as well! Check out our home page features as well as our many gift guides to see what types of products or design styles are trending on Zazzle. Keep an eye out for our main Gift Center as well, coming soon!

gift guides


4. Don’t forget to promote! Share links to your store and your best new products, and remember to include your handy referral ID. For more tips on promoting using your referral ID, take a peek at our posts on creating a blog, promoting with social media like Facebook and Pinterest or social shopping sites like Polyvore and Wanelo.


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9 thoughts on “Holiday Tips Part 1”

  1. Great post Liz! I would add- When designing any product that is “personalized” with the customers name as a template- Leave room for the longest name ever- to be inserted, without compromising your design! You might lose a sale if your customer puts in their name and it does not fit on the design. Better safe than sorry. 🙂
    ~The Hungarican Princess

  2. I have been dabbling with the “create your own quick create template set” options a while and think I’ve finally mastered it and have succeeded in creating one really useful set which has allowed me to increase performance regarding creating template products for buyers massively. So I do urge others to have a go. 🙂
    My fav template set has a neutral grey background, a fun font text field in the bottom of the design frame and a layer below that for an image ( set to eliminate white and to fill the space ) . This template set which includes ring binders, pillows and cards etc. allows me to have a centred image with text the buyer can edit , all on a colored background as oppose to plain white. I have found it effective re my* gift store. Ideal for personalized niche gifts. Have a look to get the idea. I have found I can now add 100 template gift items in as little as five to ten mins. Each one customised automatically as mentioned above.

  3. Thanks for the tips Liz. Now I wish on the product create page, all the inputted text would stay the same until we change it. It would go so much faster. 100 create button is not for me. Glad it works for some/most. Thanks again!

  4. Some very good tips here this week.

    I was especially stuck by #4 as it is the subject of our new eBook which also came out today . . . How2 Write Product Descriptions for Views and Sales includes details and examples of setting up links in descriptions.

    There is a link on our web site, but I hope it is OK to include it here as well since it is quite relevant.

  5. Difficult to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! These are great tips to keep in mind – especially #4 for me . . . I will be adding more HTML links to some of my listings to direct customers to related products in my stores. Thanks Liz for the tips!

  6. Very helpful tips, thank u. Regarding tip #4, I thought ever since Zazzle did that huge site change last July we were no longer allowed to have any HTML in product descriptions as well as on our storefront description.
    Did this change?

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